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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by oklahomafrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. We never got to see Delton perform, we put all our chips on Duggan early
  2. The only reason I mentioned the support is because last time everyone questioned if I was even a TCU fan, can a fan not have an opinion?
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  3. humble brag.

    seriously though how far north?
  4. Saying you donated makes you more credible?
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  5. You seriously don’t know football at all.
  6. I think Duggan can improve with better coaching that will actually put him in advantageous positions.
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  7. Should’ve led with this.

    And I’ll admit I was concerned by the quality of Iowa high school football. But Max has shown me enough to believe there is some definite ability there....provided he gets good coaching.
  8. I believe you but I'm not surprised that everyone is jumping on you. I think you would get a similar reaction on any fan message board by opening with an accounting of how much you donate.

    And I think that it's true than Duggan was a poor passer this year, but disagree with your conclusion. He is talented and plays his ass off, plus he was a true freshman playing in a terrible offense. It's reasonable to expect him to improve (but needs a competent OC).
  9. WT F Team did you watch the first three games? You're just sounding scheissing stupid now.
  10. Now you are just an ass.
  11. So if you saw Dalton when you attended, that means you must be mid 30's, tops - a proverbial lifetime of football and coaching experience then.

    Can you explain the difference between Hawk and Eagle defense then?
    What about base vs gun scoot alignment and it's relation to over/under and when it's used and what it means for blitz packages?
    What about flat foot reads vs toe reads and it's coverage tip?

    Why don't you go be a scout for the Dolphins then with your type of insight?
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  12. I think donating to the program shows how much you care, many of my opinions are borne out of frustration for this season and last, after Robinson and Duggan, I just want to watch a QB who doesn't make costly turnovers...I am not questioning Duggan's effort, I'm questioning his skill level...
  13. Again how do you know it's Duggan's fault and not the receiver running a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty route? or a play call with just one read?

    The answer is - you don't. So stop acting like you know it all
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  14. Oh my. I saw him a lot in Kansas.
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  15. One semester’s tuition at TCU does NOT count as a donation.
  16. Mods, this has to be a bit. And a bad one. Delete thread, ban OP.
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  17. In a perfect world, Max should have red shirted this year. With the injuries and transfers from last year that wasn’t possible.

    It’s too bad we didn’t go after Shane Buechele or another QB transfer that was competent. For whatever reason, our coaches made serious errors in judgement about Delton.

    All in all Max showed potential this season and though this was a stinker of a game, he deserves some kudos for being thrown in the fire and taking over the starting role.

    What happens next year is anyone’s guess. I assume there will be a QB competition again, with Max having the edge for the starting position.
  18. I agree, this should be a wrap, I don't think Duggan is good and I will continue to give funds to the football program, I hope all of you do the same, we need it
  19. Thanks for the kind words tcumaniac, I am assuming you have given more??
  20. hi kettle, meet pot.
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