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Looks Like TCU Reads KFC-Cash to Get Over Due Statue

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Only possible thing to say is: this is absolutely great news!
  2. Love this move.
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  3. He seems like a great man who was a great athlete, TCU is lucky to have had him. Glad he is being honored.
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  4. Way overdue!

    What a great guy!

    Go Frogs!
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  5. LONG overdue. Almost to the point that it feels patronizing now.
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    I think Mr Cash should stop having people call him doctor. What’s wrong with just being a professor.
    I actually thought he was a medical doctor and I’m sure others have thought that too.
    We don’t go around calling all lawyers a doctor, a JD is a Doctrine of Jurisprudence
    Also, you’re trying to make him out to be like Jackie Robinson or somebody like that. TCU having black athletes at that time was so long overdue and says more about the slow progress that TCU had finally made more than it does James Cash’s trailblazing.
  7. Delete Post.

    Ban Poster as an ignorant a22.
  8. Oh good grief.
  9. Can we take down one certain statue at the same time?
  10. Build, don't tear down. This is how you build society, and expand people's minds
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  11. I would agree with you on your basic premise. In the case of James Cash, I am pretty sure he doesn't refer to himself as doctor. I'll ask my BIL that played with him and still communicates with him. I think he calls him James.
  12. You referring to the bronze Jinx?
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    James Cash at TCU was the first ever black scholarship basketball player in the history of the Southwest Conference.
  14. But lawyers do use the BS term esquire to to somehow make themselves seem as though it actually has anything to do with the law, when it is actually means: English gentry ranking below a knight; a candidate for knighthood serving as a shield bearer and attendant to a knight; a title adopted by some in the legal profession in an attempt to seem they are more important than they are.
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  15. I would assume you were not alive to witness what those first black athletes in the Southwest Conference had to endure. If you had attended the games, I don't believe you would have posted this. If you did, then you would know that James Cash has EARNED the right to be to be introduced as Doctor.
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  16. In general, referring to yourself as a doctor or not has to do with context and situation. If you are among your educational peers or speaking to a group and you have achieved a doctoral degree as your terminal degree, then general decorum is to include the title in the introduction. If you are in a hospital and meeting a patient and you are a Doctor of Philosophy, a doctor of education, a doctor of theological studies, a doctor of physical therapy, a doctor of nursing practice, etc., then the term "doctor" can be deceptive and will cause patient confusion because patients in that setting who hear someone introduce themselves as a "doctor" expect that the person is an MD or a DO, or, in certain settings, a DDS or DPM (podiatrist). Chiropractors traditionally use the title "Doctor" in their own clinical setting because people know that they are in a chiropractor's office (chiropractors do not have hospital privileges).

    I believe that Dr. Cash absolutely deserves to use the title Doctor in his own environment. If he was on an airplane and the question was asked, "is there a doctor on board?", maybe that is not the time to use his well-earned title.

    The word doctor has gotten so watered down over the past two decades as every educational process has elevated their terminal degree to a doctoral level, whether deserved or not. Examples include programs that only require ~18 months of online classes done remotely with little to no classroom time, in person education, defense of a thesis, or anything remotely academically rigorous and no barriers to entry except a willingness to go $100K into debt, and everyone who starts finishes as long as they pay their tuition, and these programs result in a doctoral level degree. TCU has many such programs. Most "doctoral candidates" maintain their full time job and, other than some homework at night, and a much lighter pocketbook, and have not put in the same level of effort as the traditional PhD, which may take 5-7 years of rigorous academic research effort.

    I feel that the term doctor has become so cheapened and clouded that it should be abandoned by the medical profession and the term physician should be used.
  17. I was the student manager of James' WOG Team. It took a very special man to deal with being the "First". The statue is way overdue.
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  18. In my experience as a lawyer very few use the Esq. thing and the ones who do are generally young attorneys who are still overly impressed by the profession or tools

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