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Lets hear your 3 Keys to a Frog Victory..Go

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogLifeYo, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. So outside the obvious “out score them” or “give up less points” what do we have to do to pull the upset..

    Here’s what I’m thinking

    1. 200 yards Rushing - .We need to hold them under it AND we need to go over it.

    2. Start quickly - We’ve had a tendency towards slow starts..Can’t spot them a few scores.

    3. Protect the ball and win the turnover battle

    I purposely left SR out because I think it’s a given he needs to play exceptionally well.

    What does the Frog fam think are the keys to a Win.
  2. 1) Turnover battle, no INT's.
    2) Offensive line must stand firm. Can't let them get pressure and stuff our run game.
    3) Make Haskins uncomfortable early and often.
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  3. Score more points than OSU.
  4. will give you 5

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  5. Each guy needs to do his job. When he gets a yard, he must fight for the second yard. Smart football must be played with tons of Frog Factor. We can do this.
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  6. No turnovers; QB protection; Shawn Robinson stays calm.

    Defense will keep us in the game; offense has to win it.
  7. Score 1 more point the tOSU
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  8. Amen. No big plays on their side early in the game.
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  9. I really think we need to win the first half in this one...Momentum is either going to win it or loose it.
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  10. 1) Kick them in the balls.

    2) Rinse.

    3) Repeat.
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  11. If we don’t play A Sharp and the team B Flat, we won’t C a victory.
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  12. 1. Shaun Robinson shows why he was a big deal, in other words not missing wide open receivers.
    2. No blown DB coverages.
    3. OL kicks ass.
  13. On the scale of musical humor, that's just off key...
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  14. 1) Turnovers - I think we need to be +2 in the turnover margin to win this game.
    2) Get tOSUbehind the chains - We need to get them in a lot of 2nd and 8+ yard and 3rd and 6+ situations. This will enable us to dictate the types of defensive plays we can run. We can not let tOSU constantly be in 2nd and 4 or 3rd and 2 type situations. This is obviously easier said than done.
    3) Great game by Robinson - He will probably need a 250+ yard passing performance with a 50+ yard rushing performance to win this game (maybe even more). It is time to see what he is made of.
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  15. 1. Live in the moment. Play bigger and faster than you are, enjoy every second - this kind of game is a big reason why you play college football.
    2. Snarling, vicious attitude - especially on D.
    3. Score and score in bunches. When we take momentum, take advantage. The momentum will swing but we need to capitalize when it's going our way.
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  16. They need to listen to LL Cool J before the game:

    Mama Said Knock You OUT!!!
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  17. Win TO battle by 2 or more.
    Good special teams play in all phases.
    SR plays really well.
  18. Offense
    1. Shawn Robinson's feet
    2. Darrius Anderson's feet
    3. Kevonte Turpin's feet

    1. Jeff Gladney's feet
    2. Ben Benogu's feet
    3. Julius Lewis' feet
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  19. I bet Zach Smith knows the lyrics.
  20. 1 - Anderson and Sewo fighting for every yard. The difference between a 1 yard gain and a 3 yard gain will be huge.

    2 - make Ohio St earn every yard. No 50 yard blown coverage TDs ala Southern or broken tackle long runs ala SMU

    3 - Collier. What is his impact?
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