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Last Game at Lupton 2019 Season

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, May 14, 2019.

  1. 39 to 20. Frogs win
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  2. Maybe his team sucking?.
  3. I think this season was harder to take than last year for several reasons

    1. our offense showed potential like we have not seen in a decade at TCU - however it also showed total incompetence to deploy it a lot
    2. it has been a while since the team struggled this much two years in a row and the second year is always harder than the first because hope is more difficult to muster and faster to die in the second year
    3. dumb baseball - we played more dumb baseball this year than I have ever seen in a D1 team (yes, I know we all watch TCU more than others but combined our opponents didn't do as much dumb stuff as we did by a long shot). The bunt on both sides of the ball is just one example.

    Hoping for a lot of new faces next year and maybe we can make the point on the JUCO craps table both offensively and defensively this time since it seems that will be our future for at least a few years.
  4. Ah yes, 2013. Another bad year. PB ended with an RPI of 263. V bad.
  5. And that was the last time I drove diagonally across the Metroplex for a midweek game. Came from Frisco that night. Yesterday came across from Farmers Branch. Don’t see myself doing that again without a very compelling reason. $1 admission helps but very long bad baseball games goes on the other side of the ledger.
  6. Looks like it was the right night for me to start binge-watching "The Sopranos"...
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  7. Did anyone, at least, get some of the free leftover swag that they were giving away?
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  8. The issues with bunting both offensively and defensively, are deal breakers, philosophy better change or I predict
    Ticket sales will force something to be done.
  9. I don't think quality of play is proportional to ticket sales. I've attended 24 games this year. The stadium is always "sold out" but none of the games were full.
  10. All I saw them giving away was postcard from Omaha posters.
  11. probably only in GA - I agree that season tickets will continue to sell out but the number of people that show up - especially mid week and on Friday and Sunday will suffer.

    And the amount of people in GA in games that are not mid-day weekend will go down.

    While Lupton can be really loud when the crowd is rowdy - it can be a tomb when we are playing bad and no one shows up.
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  12. aside from several runs and the game?
  13. My wife and I got a baseball and cap. I am in upper deck behind home plate and it was always full at the first of the season and now only fills up because of people moving to better seats from where they have tickets.
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    The Frogs probably needed to play WVU about 10 more times this year.They are the only team that the Frogs seem to show up to play.Definetly WVU's Kryptonite since we join the conference.

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