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Last Game at Lupton 2019 Season

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, May 14, 2019.

  1. Watson LF
    Guenther DH
    Henry 2B
    Rizer CF
    Isola C
    Keefer RF
    Shepherd 1B
    Oviedo SS
    Hump 3B

    JJ on the bump

    Oh....v Lamar
  2. I soooooo want JJ to have a special positive night pitching. Kinda the way I felt about Traver
  3. 3-0 Lamar. Single, bunt single, bunt E1, WP, two RBI 4-3s.

    My eyes hurt.
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    We need a heavy fog to appear.
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  5. Lamar pitcher puts a lot of stress on his jersey buttons.
  6. Frogs have the bullpen stocked after a half inning
  7. Our baseball team is so embarrassing sometimes

    Jim should be ashamed that the entire country knows we can’t defend the bunt and he still can’t do anything about it

    Poor JJ
  8. No velo gun on scoreboard. Interesting
  9. Don’t know why really ?

    Other than the wild pitch, I don’t see how any of that is on JJ
  10. JJ fld% is below .500 I think.

  11. I can’t see a velo reading anywhere but there’s nothing on those pitches.
  12. Then why start him?

    But again they had 1 hit really and some bunts for singles, a so and then a few fc for runs

    Not exactly getting ripped
  13. JJ is struggling even in warmups. Understandable.
  14. I would bet our first and third baseman are worse than that on bunts

    And our second baseman is the lowest in the B12
  15. He’s a senior and this game means jack squat. But he doesn’t look comfortable at all arm-side. And Lamar sucks badly. Will not make the Southland tournament. Would not expect them to rip much of anybody at any time.
  16. I know you are being hyperbolic but they aren’t good for sure. Even in-and-out sucked.
  17. I bet their pitcher looks like Cy Young tonight...
  18. End of 2

    Lamar 3
    Frogs 0
  19. Velo gun on now. FB at 88
  20. One out scorched double. Line out to RF that advances the runner and a chopped double over 3rd and it’s 4-0

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