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Kevin Samuel declared for the draft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. The NBA just submitted their list of names into the draft and Kevin Samuel has entered his name. Again, nothing to lose. Hopefully, like Bane, he will get the right information and come back to TCU
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  2. [ What the heck? ]?
  3. All are incoming players just declared for the draft
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  4. Weird that they have to declare to get feedback on potential draft position.

    I assume bane and Samuel especially will be back.
  5. I know all the discussion about getting a review of what’s needed and coming back - but I find it sad that TCU is probably only second behind LSU for how many players we have on that list

    And it’s not because we were world beaters last year
  6. This looks kind of like a fire drill right now.
  7. It’s two guys though. I mean Noi is and has been gone. It doesn’t matter to him if it is NBA or Europe or whatever. He is out. Pretty much everyone expects Bane and Samuel to go through the process and be back. I’m not trying to tell you not to feel sad, I’m just stating the facts
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  8. We fans have got to toughen up if we’re gonna survive the emotional roller coasters of good players.

    I was critical about the season, but guys putting out feelers to make a couple million bucks is only being smart on their part.
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  9. And Fisher - we have 4 on the list

    I get the point but it seems funny that there are not very many guys from Texas, Aggy, Tech, Houston, Baylor, etc “testing” the waters to see what they need to do to improve like our guys if it is so innocent

    Just seems like there is more too it under the surface, otherwise why wouldn’t every kid with the hopes of continuing to play after college declare so they could get the evaluation?
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  10. Maybe - but like I said in my other post - why aren’t a bunch of players from other schools doing it also then? Not like our team is some hotbed of NBA prospects traditionally
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  11. Been saying that since Fisher left. Too much upheaval in 1 season just to be a coincident. Let's assume for a moment that they all left, could we field a team? In the history of the school, 4 players in the same year declaring, seems impossible for TCU.
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  12. A Chinese one at that.
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  13. I'll help Mr. Samuel out. He needs to work on everything except being tall. Now, get to work.
  14. They should imo but to answer you question I have no idea why they don’t enter to get feedback. I agree that it is a little worrisome though.
  15. Don’t these kids know there’s a certain degree of embarrassment to putting your name out there when everyone else knows you’re just not ready?
  16. Damn we had a talented team this past year....
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  17. Yes we did, and remember how optimistic we were right before our first game? This all seems impossible.
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  18. Dark clouds seem to be gathering in both basketball and baseball. Hopefully, this dilemma doesn't extend into

    the football program.

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