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Kenny Hill QB Coach (?)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. God, I usually agree with you. Not today.

    That's okay, just don't "cancel" me for having a different opinion. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  2. In all seriousness, KH has been a hard worker since he arrived on campus. HCGP made him go through many protocols before he was even allowed on the team (rehab, counseling, grades, etc). KH fulfilled them all. His JR year was a little inconsistent, but he had a great SR year. And he's worked hard as a GA then as an analyst.

    I'm toadally good with this hire, promotion from within. Congrats KH.
  3. Just my opinion, which, along with $17, will get you a beer at the Hard Rock Stadium.

    He might be a great success. Who knows?
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    KH grew in the position under Meach. He's grown as a man since then (I believe). Hopefully this is a success. I'll support him.

    I can beat the dead horse about missing a chance to make a splash OC/QB coach hire. But it was never going to happen. So, Go Frogs!
  5. Yeah, but ESPN reports: A&M transfer Kenny Hill takes job at TCU.
  6. Funny what brings some critters out of the woodpile.
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    I find it funny looking back at how many people were frustrated with Kenny and the offense in 2016 (his Jr year) but Max and this current offense is no where close to that production. Not to mention that 2016 team wasn’t close to as talented offensively as the 2020 group
  8. Walmart has Great Value. Albertson's has Signature Select. ESPN has the SEC. Having a house brand is common in consumer retailing and ESPN does it very well.
  9. Agreed. Was hoping for someone that can help develop the QBs more.
    I hope he has learned what to do and what not to do as a QB coach. That is our only hope.
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  10. Thank God Rusty Burns retired.
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    I’m sorry you are comparing my praise of KH and his promotion (possibly) to MD. My post was in no way attempting to compare KH to MD.

    I was at times frustrated with Dalton.
    I was at times frustrated with Boykin.
    I was at times frustrated with Kenny Hill
    I have been at many times frustrated with Max Duggan.
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  12. And I've been frustrated sexually since about 2 weeks after my wedding.
  13. Can Anderson retire next?
  14. Congrats Kenny Hill. Glad to see has developed and think he will do a great job!
  15. I think the day is here where for the most part, when a new coach is hired people first say “who”? I am so over the guys that have multiple FIRINGS mixed in with hirings on their resume but it is the name people recognize. The young coach for the most part is what college football is now all about, it does help tremendously to have really good players mixed in. Pelini and Linehan at LSU this year were total disasters, they have “disaster” on their resume’. Joe Brady in 2019 was definitely a “who” when he was hired. Wish Kenny Hill all the best.
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  16. Teaching & developing players is so lame. Haven't you heard, the only thing that matters to be an assistant coach now is just being able to recruit, and being bro brothers.
  17. To Swing Away!
  18. Wait! I thought all was right w the world when we demolished Kansas and La Tech?
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  19. Me too. The guy got a bad rap but I never once questioned his effort on the field. He had big shoes to fill and at least his girlfriend's jaw is intact. That's, ultimately, the most important thing. #teamkenny
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  20. You are confusing me with someone else. I’m consistently on record that the program should have gone in a different direction several years ago. However, the decision was made that meh was okay and the pyramid talk was just coach-speak. Exactly nothing has happened to change my mind about that.
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