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Kenny Hill QB Coach (?)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Yeah, I've heard that is happening.
  2. my favorite tweet on the tcu football twitter site is from frogso'war that says:

    "An ominous twitter bio change points to a coaching promotion many were expecting."

    ominous? did they hire a copywriter from cnn to do their tweets now?
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  3. Being reported on MSN as done and an opening for another paid position with Rusty Burns retirement.

    In other news, Saban replaces Sark with Bill O’Brien?!?
  4. heard o'brien's first decision as oc will be to trade bryce young to auburn for a back up deep snapper and three bags of balls
  5. Interesting. He's matured into a great frog.
  6. Disappointing but not surprising. Was Kenny the ring bearer in Gary’s wedding?
  7. We have a QB coach that can't throw a spiral?
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  8. Throwing a spiral is not part of his current job duties.
  9. But TEACHING a spiral should be.
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  10. I for one would like to see how he develops as a coach. I am optimistic.
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  11. Obviously. I know Kenny gets a lot of [ #2020 ] on here for throwing off his back foot a lot (and he did) but overall he had very good mechanics and clearly understood HOW to play the position, regardless of whether or not he always executed everything at the highest level.
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  12. Crazy talk! You need to have an immediate definitive opinion immediately. And your only two options are that he will be great or terrible.
  13. I think it's a lousy hire. So there.

    Hopefully my pessimism is proven wrong.
  14. You can have an opinion that he will be great?
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  15. I remember when DCGP became HCGP. We had some folks ready to jump off buildings. Not saying QCKH will catch new lightning in an old bottle, but he seems to be a hard-work-over-natural-ability type guy, which is a quality I've learned to respect and value over the years.
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  16. Congrats to Kenny and wish him (and us) success in his new position!
  17. Predictable, comfortable, status quo hire. That’s the GP way.

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