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Justin Rogers to UNLV

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by youthfulfrog, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. I’d prefer that Duggan still be our QB three years from now.
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  2. Me too. Hope he does well for them.
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  3. Good luck young man! still one of the biggest disappointments from a potential here at tcu standpoint. but life happens and I hope this works out well for him.
  4. Is he eligible next/this year (2020)?
  5. He is putting in for a waiver but not guaranteed
  6. Kind of a mystery. I know the injury was terrible but he was at least healthy enough to enter a game in 2018. And to come back the next year after another 7 months of recovery time and basically be relegated to 4th string when our QB situation was anything but settled was strange. You'd think if he wasn't quite ready but still showing potential that he'd have been given a few minutes of PT here in there just to get his feet wet a bit, but it was like playing him wasn't even a remote possibly in the coach's minds.
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  7. How would he get PT when we Alex Delton was the clear cut starting QB....

  8. this is one of the many mysteries of the past few seasons.

    how does a guy who can't supposedly move play a few downs, but then we are told he can't move well enough to play in the next season?

    curious if he left not because of being behind duggan, but he felt he wouldn't get a fair shot to compete for the position.
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  9. Probably the latter, but the question is did he get a fair shot and was just not good at all in practice, or was there something in the way he went about his business that resulted in him not getting a fair shot? I can't imagine given how high-profile a recruit he was that the coaching staff didn't do everything they could to get him on the field and keep him engaged if he was showing potential. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. It's like he was just put aside and became an afterthought.
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  10. I prefer Duggan wins back to back Heisman Trophies and National Championships, then goes to the NFL #1 overall and is gone 3 years from now.
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  11. Who told us he couldn’t move well enough to play the position?
  12. inferences made by a variety of posters here and others from other sites or around the program overtly or covertly that centered around his ability to move.
  13. I always heard he just couldn’t read a defense. Guess we’ll see this Fall.
  14. I’m gonna go ahead and sort of disagree with you here. I’d prefer the 2x Heisman and NC winner stick around for another year.
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  15. that was the last narrative of a dialogue that seemed to shift from the spring following the bowl game until the announcement he was transferring.

    it makes sense when you consider that he missed over two full seasons of any action and we know that gary isn't going to come out and talk about why an individual player isn't playing for a variety of reasons.

    one of many twists to the quarterback position last year for the frogs
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  16. We've had quite a few QBs who couldn't read defenses very well get chances to play. So while that makes some sense, I think there was more to it.
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  17. Who?
  18. Oooor, he couldn't read defenses well even relative to those guys?
  19. Foster Sawyer. Heck, I'd even say Max Duggan at this point in his career and Kenny Hill. I'm just saying, I don't think "reading defenses" has been a strength of almost any QB we've had recently, but they still played. If JR didn't play because he couldn't read defenses, he must have been absolutely lost in the pocket, and it's hard for me to understand how a kid could be labeled a 5-star recruit if he has absolutely zero pocket awareness.
  20. I think that’s the implication, yeah.

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