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Justin Rogers to UNLV

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by youthfulfrog, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Good for him. I hope his knee holds up and he gets a chance to be healthy and play.
  2. Stoked for him. Will be rooting for him
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  3. Best of luck to JR.

    Interesting that UNLV got Cal and ASU to play in Vegas in 2020, But maybe not that hard to do?
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  4. Will he be eligible to play this year?
  5. Happy for him. Hope he has a good career there
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  6. Now I'm the biggest UNLV fan. I hope he gets a chance and proves everyone wrong.
  7. New stadium certainly helps
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  8. Let's go there?
  9. Hope he turns himself into an all-American there. Also hope his mom’s Twitter becomes bigger than a kardashian.
  10. For being so pro-TCU, it’s sad to see him transfer out when there is literally no one clearly commanding our QB position. He’s either giving up on ever being 100% healthy or lacked confidence to out-develop a struggling freshman.
  11. Justin seems like a great young man best of luck to him and his family.
  12. or our coaching staff lacked one of those two things and not him?

    Have no idea nor would I know who is correct.

    Obviously we had a similar situation with Fisher in basketball where the Coaching staffs view of what he needed to do and his role moving forward was different than Jaylen's.

    In the end, it seems maybe our staff was correct in that situation - hopefully JR gets a chance and makes the most of it and Duggan shines next year so everyone wins.
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  13. Can't wait to see those Mountain West linebackers bounce off him! Good for you, young man.
  14. as far as why unlv the head coach has a history working with and developing quarterbacks, quarterback coach has nfl experience, offensive line coach was at vandy so you might have a relationship from back in high school, and they don't return crap at quarterback in regards to throwing the football

    if justin is healthy playing for a guy who developed justin herbert and learning an nfl system might not be a bad thing.
  15. Hope the kid wins a national title. He deserves it.
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  16. Highly unlikely at UNLV
  17. Hope he beats Boise.
  18. Hope he has great success and comes back as a grad transfer.
  19. Virtually impossible, I know. Just wishing the kid the best.
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