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Jeremiah Donati is a Spineless, [ muschi ]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. some students refer to the west side as the “sleepy side” since it’s where all the old people who don’t cheer tend to sit.

    ive been to most big 12 stadiums and TCU might have the highest % of fans eligible for Medicare
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  2. Damned old people. We need a mandatory euthanasia age!
  3. Ageism and profiling.
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  4. But is it racist?
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  5. Of course it is and every other “ist” as well
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  6. I'm talking about baseball not football.
  7. simple solution is lure them onto ice flows with a a trail of diced onions
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  8. Why should we legally force 20-somethings to move to China?
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  9. Needed more than 50% magic today
  10. Clutch hitting with RISP would have helped, too :)
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  11. So would a clutch ground ball, bunt, fly ball....
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  12. TCU wouldn’t have the funds to merit a P5 program without its elderly fans. Would not be in the Big 12 right now.
  13. Didnt TCU displace a ton of loyal, older donors during the stadium expansion reseating process?
  14. I like it at the Football games when I’m surrounded by the elderly. I keep yelling “This music sucks!” And they all laugh


  15. Yes, but they were smart about it. They only did the forced re-seating and the infamous +4 after the oldsters helped fully fund the expansion.
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  16. And I'm still pissed.
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  17. phil is back!!
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  18. Yea but not the ones with the serious whip out.
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  19. What's not to love about pockets of red or orange w better seats than you?
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  20. Logan’s Run had it right and, coincidentally?, was filmed in the Fort.
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