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Jeremiah Donati is a Spineless, [ muschi ]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. This tweet is pathetic. Our AD is a total loser.

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  2. Still waiting on that super spike from the Rangers games
  3. I’m guessing this is him all but implying that our board or our chancellor are the ones that refuse to allow a capacity increase?

    Sounds like they’re the spineless ones.
  4. This
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  5. He is a useless, low lying limp dick
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  6. Aggressive!!!
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  7. 1. I appreciate all the @TCU_Baseball fans asking about increasing capacity at Lupton Stadium. 2. For now we remain at 35% - as we have been all year - but I assure you we will do more once approved. 3. No one wants a packed stadium more than we do! 4. Thanks for your patience. 5. #GoFrogs

    You’re better off reading this like the fake Mark Cuban:
    1. He appreciates all the baseball fans. Why are we mad at this? He loves us and appreciates us. Toad to Omaha!!
    2. We’re packing as many people as we can into Lupton. Let’s be honest it’s about like a normal Tuesday game vs Rio Grand Valley. And, in honesty, I’m calling BS on 35%. The Baylor series had well over 2,500 fans.
    3. JD is just like maniac, he wants a packed stadium. High five!
    4. We’re all being thanked for being wonderful fans, and for our great attitude and not bitching like a bunch of 12 year olds. (Seriously, it’s like the more you [ hundin], the less likely they are to open capacity)
    5. It’s not a real tweet without praying hands.

    Not sure what everyone is upset about.

    Honestly, is anyone having trouble getting to a baseball game? I’ve been to 15+ They’re fun as [ #2020 ], why is everyone acting like a bunch of 12 year olds who just got dumped by the cute girl with braces?
  8. I think they are just upset they didn't get a cool nickname like "Karen".
  9. Yep, he threw the board/upper administration under the bus. Sounds like it is on them.

    And rarely is the stadium packed anyway, unless it's post-season.
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  10. Why? Last time we heard from him it was about waiting for the Big 12 to give permission?
  11. there must be people still giving the money. Stop paying for substandard shinola and things will change.
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  12. Is it a Big 12 issue? Are they dictating it? Have a link? I believe other schools have higher capacities.
  13. I have no idea but the first salvo from the AD office several weeks ago was that we were waiting on the Big 12 to act. Then Tech showed that to be a red herring. All I know is that we sure as hell aren’t “Leading On”
  14. K-State is going to 50% beginning today.
  15. I’m aware. Sovereign immunity someone yells.
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  16. first there is a big difference between what we have now and what we normally see - and this weekend will show it unless the students show up in mass again like they did for Baylor on the Friday game

    every other game we have played this year has been as quiet as church

    and again - if they will let in as many students as want to attend - which they are obviously doing - then why are we restricting other fans?

    it makes no sense to have everyone in the lower deck spaced out and then have every row in the upper deck bench seating packed shoulder to shoulder
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    I think a lot of people are having problems getting tix because other than dropping $50 a ticket in stubhub - it’s not easy to find tickets if you didn’t get season tickets when they were available
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  18. While I am not a big Donati fan, I am not sure what is so wrong with the tweet.
  19. Honest question... who here has wanted to go to a baseball game, but has not been able to because they could not get a ticket?

    I feel like this is a very minor issue to a non-issue.
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