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It’s time for UT to hire Saban

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by To-the-house, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Mack brown come on down
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  2. You sir, win the Internets today!
  3. Saban doesn’t care about money. You can only spend so much if it and he has a boat load. The only way he leaves AL is to prove something...I’m not sure what else he would need to prove but that would be the only reason to leave Bama
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  4. When compiling a list of reasons to leave Alabama, never forget white barbecue sauce.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. And Aggie has dibs on Saban...
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  7. UT made a lot of hay against some weak SWC foes. TCU much of the time, Baylor almost always, Rice always save a few years, Tech was mediocre, Gaggies mostly their whipping boys, SMU when their payroll suffered, so that pretty much left the Pigs as their only real competition and Houston when they first joined.
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  8. Interesting.

    TCU's Frog Club is part of the University and run by an employee.

    Are the Texas exes and Aggie Stormtroopers (whatever) subject to the will of the Trustees?

    They do not appear to have any handcuffs or desire to cooperate with their respective governing bodies.
  9. Well, if you recall, the Association of Former Students (A&M) sued Texas A&M University over the re-seating and re-apportioning of seats and perks a few years ago. Seems that what we plain folks understand to be "Lifetime" does not mean what we think it means...

    Same thing happened at Tennessee.

    Like our own bitter "re-seating" experience, there comes a time when Universities have to make a decision between filthy lucre and their loyal fans. The loyal fans lose every time. Thus, it isn't surprising that there is an element of hostility towards the Management at these places.
  10. That is one way to raise public awareness...
  11. Liked for the new avatar.
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  12. Temporary, but appropriate I thought.
  13. Maybe not a decision between, but combo of each. Otherwise people would be still sitting in old Amon Carter and we’d still be in AAA. And I’d guess some of those money people are very loyal (sometimes too much says the NCAA).
  14. Does anybody have a calculator with enough zeros to figure out what it would take to buy out Mensa's contract, AND pay Saban?
  15. Why would anyone want to bring a good coach to UT? I thing Dennis Franchione meets their needs to keep failing much better...
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  16. just divide jimbo's buyout by 4 and you are in the ball park
  17. Without pulling out the quarterstaff and delivering manful thwacks to the deceased equine (again), I believe we can all agree that the TCU re-seating could have been handled far and away better than it was. Additionally, the folks that actually put up the money were well taken care of. I don't mind that a bit. Put up $10-90,000,000 and you ought to get a good place to sit and a private place to pee. It is all those other folks who supported TCU in more humble ways through the Dark Times that got kicked to the curb. My point was that loyalty doesn't flow two ways anymore (if it ever did in the first place), and TCU is hardly the first outfit to suffer a backlash in the wake of such actions.
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  18. I think that might be related to the State vs Private school issue.
  19. I understand, but I think it is kind of like those can’t live with them, can’t live without them things.
  20. The Reverse Bear, Part Deux: Recreating Fran Magic
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