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It’s time for UT to hire Saban

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by To-the-house, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. tragically, there are horn fans / alums who still truly believe they almost had saban a few years back and it does mesh with the entitlement mindset
  2. I think it’s actually worse than Texas A&M because of the Longhorn Network. Who wants to deal with making yourself that available? Meyer and Saban won’t put up with that or to your point — the donors. Same reason they couldn’t get Gary.

    The job is only attractive to ladder climbers, they can’t get a GOAT coach.
  3. This is a satirical post. UT entitled world view is delusional. The coaches they think they could buy would never take the job:

    1.) The UT culture is mainly about money as their system is coin operated across the board. Boosters are completely in charge of UT that is how it has always been. The big donors truly have influence in athletic decisions.

    2.) UT is delusional about their brand. They see their football program as an elite historic power. However their history does not compare to the other schools truly in that class. Schools like Alabama, Ohio State, even Nebraska and Miami have way more titles and accomplishments than UT. It’s not even close.

    Yes UT has high number of total wins, however many of those go back to the days when they used their money to exploit the system. For example, before there were scholarship caps, they could buy up all the state’s talent .

    The main theme of the UT culture is big money and that is about it.
  4. And big egos.

    They used to be able to take the best 75 players in the state. Hard for the rest of the conference to compete with that.
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  5. Was just looking for a book to read yesterday and stumbled across an old copy of this. hahaha That and "Meat on the Hoof " tell you everything you need to know about UT.

  6. Going back to original post about UT going after Saban. Why would Saban who is financially taken care of as it is subject himself to the cruelty of the Boosters and fan expectations at UT? How much more millions does he want or need? Saban is settled where he is at in Tuscaloosa. To prone oneself in front of the UT alter and subject yourself to the weekly beating of that school is not realistic and will not happen.
  7. Not saying or hinting or anticipating Saban's move to Austin, but sometimes a man's ego reaches beyond his financial desires.
  8. I’m not sure how going to an inferior brand would stroke his ego. Alabama: the cradle of coaching. Texas: Where they go to die.
  9. Just me but IDGAF who coaches in Austin. I don’t care about the whiny biotches down there.

    Screw UT!
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  10. Pulling a program from the jaws of ignominy to the spotlight of a national championship could be downright orgasmic for some egos.
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  11. well hell, he needs to go to SMU then!
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  12. Saban is 70+ if memory serves. I don't believe there are any more stops on the Saban Railroad. He's done awfully well in his career, both in terms of money (Croesus pales in comparison) and professional credit, and will retire when he's good and ready.

    UT would have to seriously money-whip him to come to Austin and put up with the 'Longhorn Network' and all the other assorted nonsense that job brings. Otherwise, he simply doesn't need the abuse. Saban doesn't suffer fools well, and Austin is full of them.
  13. My "source" tells me it was a done deal but Mack Brown convinced Steve Patterson he'd have no power and Saban/the alums would have it all.
  14. Isn’t this how it has always been down there?
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  15. Jimbo Fisher is still looking for his dream job....
  16. Each week Urban's price tag goes up.

    But if they go get Urban, he would be VERY successful in Austin. Outside of Urban/Saban/Dabo, there isn't really anyone that would be a guaranteed success with how much [ #2020 ] they have to put up with.
  17. don’t think CDC or UT Board of Regents will give Urban a chance given the social issues of his past with players committing murder and his coaches participating in domestic violence

    edit: Urban’s wife was a public advocate against domestic violence and worked to raise awareness. Terrible optics and most would Urban a snake.
  18. If it meant that they might win some football games? They would hire Satan hissownself. Hell, some of 'em wanted to talk to Warden Art fer chrissakes! He's worse!

    If Three Semi-Wise Men set out from Austin in matching Gulfstreams bearing gold, gold, and more gold to lure Urban Meyer, they're gonna need more gold. Urban will clean them out with a Jimbo+ Contract demand, and UT will scramble around to get it. They can, but it'll tap them out for a while. Even UT has limits, and they'll have some of Mensa's contract to pay off yet as well.
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  19. And if UT loses three more games out of the next 5..?

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