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It’s time for gary to go..

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. I resemble that remark!
  2. It hard out there in that purple ghetto
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  3. I think you have never had a discussion with Gary in person if you think he is ready to retire but won’t because of others
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  4. Right in this thread! Booo!! LHCGP for life!!
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  5. I have not...I don’t know that he’s ready to retire, but there is no question that SC was apart of that strategy. That was pretty well known
  6. Present.
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  7. So Coach Patterson and staff did a masterful job last year when at least half of our scholarship players were out due to injuries and this year they can’t coach? Bull. CGP hasn’t lost it and I believe he will evaluate and make whatever changes are needed.
    In another thread someone insinuated that CGP has lost the locker room. Well, CGP has achieved a great deal in his career and recent career (since joining Big 12). I would say he has a proven track record of knowing what players need to do to succeed. Not everyone can play for him. He is intense and demands excellence. That isn’t for everyone. Our conference mates at UT think 7-5 is ok this year. We don’t. I expect CGP will make ALL necessary changes.
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  8. Gary can stay for as long as he wants, apparently you weren't a fan in late 80's and 90's. The last 20 years have been awesome. We did beat Texas this year, which that alone would allow any coach another year.

    We were competitive in almost all games. Went toe to toe with OU and Baylor, the 2 best teams in the conference with a true freshman QB.

    Give me a break with he has to go...the more I write the more this pisses me off , so ill stop.
  9. I don't think I'm ready for gp to go but this has been posted a few times now and it's a dangerous mindset.

    He's earned a lot of leeway but to say he can stay as long as he wants is crazy.
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  10. Yes it is crazy. That mindset will bury a program.
  11. Just ate up with a bad case of the dumbass.
  12. How do we know they aren’t all the same person?
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  13. I was a fan in 70s through now and the last two seasons have been unaccaptable.
    There is a built in sense of expectation now at TCU for the football program and it is not being met.

    Should GP go nope. But some changes need to be made in the coaching staff. That's why GP is getting the big bucks.
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  14. I think a large number of our “trolls” over the years are absolutely the same person.
  15. I agree with this, if Sonny was worthy I think coach would probably step down but he does not want to leave the school in the situation it is in now. He also really cares about his staff and since Cumby would not be the guy they would all go without a job. On the other hand they have failed to prove themselves as assistant coaches and eventually the gravy train will stop.
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  16. Steel

    I think his old age is getting to him and he can’t remember the password for all those accounts, so now he just started trolling with his primary one instead
  17. GP doesn’t need to go, but his win by one mentality does.
    GP doesn’t need to go, but the fact that he only feels accountable for a third of the team does.
    GP doesn’t need to go, but his petulant attitude sure does.
    GP doesn’t need to go but if he continually fails to adapt he should.

    Simply put, those goals at the top of the triangle aren’t even goals they’re just pipedreams. We’re not doing anything across the board that would suggest those to be realistic. I’m going to seriously temper my expectations for this program for the indefinite future.

    The only thing that would get me to change my optimism would be if we hired a young offensive mind; someone who has a new adaptation of the spread, understands how to develop a playbook throughout the season, and is unproven enough that he has a lot to work for and is willing to embrace risk. If it’s not too much to ask I’d also give him 100% control of gameclock management. At this point this seems like a needle in a haystack, not because that coach isn’t out there, but because we’ve all been disillusioned to believe this program operates at a much higher level than is actual reality. Maybe if we all add that our or Christmas list a miracle will come to funkytown.

    Go Frogs.
  18. Did I at least make the “receiving votes” list?
  19. Gary's post game comment says it all. I held them to less than 300 yards. I thought he was the head coach. Did he actually tell Cumbie to make sure he runs the ball a lot so as to move the clock so his beloved defense can stay off the field. Patterson is a sick man. Everything is I I I. No wonder our AD left and our portal is opening up. Who wants to be part of this sick locker room. Yelling and screaming on the sideline is also not a good look. His schick is really getting old.
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  20. Wexahu (I believe) threw this out the other day..... he’s very well liked by his players, he’s a very good human, he’s a very good recruiter, he’s well spoken and personable, he comes across as intelligent..... if he hired a play calling OC and obviously a DC is it not POSSIBLE that Sonny could be a good head coach?
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