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It’s time for gary to go..

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. He did a hell of a job for this University. The game has passed him by. The window has closed. Thanks gary for all you did.
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  3. Why has GP stopped recruiting receivers? We have NONE!
  4. If he goes, who is going to take over the astute scheduling of the likes of Pine-Bluff, Purdue, and Texas.
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  5. Goodness, some people have no clue!
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    Let's wait and see what changes he makes. If he's willing to undertake a major redesign of his staff that suggests he still has the will to win. As long as he's willing to do the job, there's no one better for TCU. Nothing could be worse than the division and infighting that would follow a forced change of a living legend to whom many remain loyal. That would be suicidally stupid.

    (Also, there's no chance of his being forced out anyway, so this is not exactly relevant.)
  7. I have long maintained that there are about 6-8 regular posters on here with functioning brains.
  8. Me, you...that only leaves six more spots.
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  9. At least Jug knows where to take adump...
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  10. Bro, sad news is you, me and peace are not in that elite group. Folks, Patterson deserves to be here as long as he wants to although some soul searching is needed and likely wholesale changes. This man can coach!
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  11. He will stay, even though he has has is 3 - 5 whe it comes to conference winning/losing seasons in the big 12.
    Even though the problems on offense have been going on for 3 years and getting worse.
    Folks still think he can get it back. Too many are afraid of going back to what we were pre-GP. Well, we are there.
    There ate some good proven head coaches who would love this job if GP stepped down. Too many act like we are still TCU of pre Fran. Our money and facilities are much bigger and better. Some of the best out there.

    GP needs to make changes, including his friends on staff. If not, we will be lucky to get to 6-6 next year.
  12. No coach at the P5, making that money, gets to stay as long as they like if they are not winning well.
    He can coach, but wins matter. This team looked bad for most of the year.
  13. Ron Swanson, Phormer, Country, MTfrog5, Pharm, RollToad (perhaps not FULLY functioning but close). Congrats to all who made the list!

    There are others but I’m gonna leave them unnamed so that everybody can just assume they were one of them.
  14. What a dingus post.
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  15. Anybody who thinks the last two years are even remotely close to “pre GP” has lost the right to have an opinion on the matter as far as I’m concerned. And just to be clear “pre GP” involved things like hoping that some day we’d be as good as Wyoming and New Mexico, praying each night that we’d get invited to the Mountain West Conference, and winning big recruiting battles against Rice and UAB.
  16. I will also add that we have a very solid group of “non regular” posters who are simply smart enough to choose not to associate with us on most days.
  17. I think GP would probably consider retirement but he knows that there are about 20-30 coaching/family mouths to feed. Long time assistants aren’t getting jobs anywhere else. When he hangs it up those guys are virtually dead in the water. He’s not only making a decision for himself but for the lively hood of guys that have ridden with him for decades. I think that’s why he badly wanted Sonny to be the next guy up. So Sonny could take them over. Cumbie falling on his ass is far more complicated then we know. I think it’s really screwing up GPs exit strategy
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    We held all but two of our opponents to less than their average point output. One of the two (TT where they scored 31 pts vs 30.5 allowed) we won. We also lost 6 contests where we held the opponent to less than their average! Baylor was held to less than average despite 3 OT's! It was not the defense, especially we consider they were on the field way too much due to offensive ineptitude. And were under pressure to hold down the score due to that offensive ineptitude. Too much pressure on the defense. All the top teams have good offenses.

    Gary can still coach defense, he just needs to find a good offensive staff. A staff he can trust to score points.
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  20. Racist?

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