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It’s time for gary to go..

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Posts like this make me want to drive a nail into the wall with my forehead.
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  2. This season is over and re-evaluating needs to start. Maybe (?) GP could hire say three analysts who could review each game this year and break it down - offense, defense, play calling, strategy, players performance, penalties,clock management, etc. with a final report showing the positives, deficiencies, and suggestions for improvement, whether it be coaching techniques, coaches, players who performed above stated levels, those who underperformed, etc. and make the needed recommendations. Outside evalauation (with no input from Killer Frog participants). An inhouse evaluation may not cut it at the present, given our coaching staff. Something has to give. Just a wild, random thought. Everyone has an opinion.
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  3. No no no. He just needs to hire the right OC and staff.
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  4. This forum has a history of dumb threads, but this is the absolute winner. We are a decent offense away from playing for the Big 12 Championship. Smooth42. a troll, and the three clowns who liked his post should go the way of Cumbie.

    P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if Smooth wasn't our favorite S-T writer from Kansas.
  5. Idiot.
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  6. He just needs a decent oc and we are good to go
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  7. To the bank!!
  8. wxcellent I made the unnamed list!
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  9. You’ll be named later
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  10. I'm not in the fire gp camp by any means. He is responsible for TCU being in the Big XII and the outstanding facilities,

    But he is what his records says he is; slightly over .500 in 8 seasons in the Big XII, exactly .500 in the last 4 years, with only 3 seasons over .500 in the 8 since joining the Big XII. He needs to do better.
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  11. Touché. Well played sir. Waiting...
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  12. The only person that ever gets to decide when it’s time for GP to go is GP. End of conversation.
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  13. How many top 10 finishes in last 5 years? At a small private school? Compare that to ever other D1 team over last 5 years. It’s a short list. We will never be as successful as we have been in the GP era. It needs to continue until he and only he decides he’s done with coaching. He knows more than anyone that he needs to do better. He will have us back in that top 10 soon. History supports that.
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  14. So this is it? Never again will TCU do as well after GP is done? We’re at the apex? No coach will ever do better? GP will not leave the program in a position to continue winning? I find this to be an exceptionally sad take.
  15. You’re crazy!
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  16. No one person is bigger than the university or program
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  17. Every school has outstanding facilities these days. Many on here appear to be of the opinion a great college fb program can be made like a cake. Just add the proper ingredients and viola....we’re in the hunt for the NC. If it were that easy Nebraska wouldn’t sux so bad for 20yrs and counting. Relax... GP will get it done!
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  18. Well, it’s quite possible we may never see a ten year stretch like 2008-2017, with six top 10 finishes.

    There’s nothing sad or defeatist about that. GP is a great coach, the likes of which don’t come around that often.

    Recognizing that is a far cry from giving up on the program, though. There’s a lot of space in between to be very successful and get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of TCU football.
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  19. With all the underclassmen coming into the offensive line, 6-6 will be a good year.
  20. All paid for by the Media Companies....

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