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Interesting events in College Station

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. DRAGgieland???

  2. oh my
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  3. What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is goin' on down there?
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  4. What is disturbing is that DD follows these things upload_2020-2-22_12-14-50.png upload_2020-2-22_12-14-50.jpeg
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  6. I enjoy not thinking about the Aggies. One of the surprising benefits of their move to the SEC has been that I honestly hear far far less about them than ever before.
  7. Not sure exactly where this falls on the spectrum of strange things in CS.
  8. Isn’t this like holding a KKK rally in Harlem?
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  9. Maybe I dreamt it, but didn’t we have a similar function on campus not that long ago?
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  10. Did they go out and buy septic tanks again in hopes of invading Austin?
  11. exactly where I’m at.
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  12. Probably not as popular as this event

  13. Er...didn't TCU just host a drag event a few months back? I seem to remember someone posting to complain about it, and then the thread got mysteriously deleted after a few pages.

    Just looked it up, it was just about a year ago.
  14. Eh, this shouldn't be much of a surprise coming from a school that teaches farm animal husbandry.
  15. Did the “Yell Leaders” take home gold?
  16. They're dancin around like a bunch of kansas city [ swishy ].

    (*Please don't block the Blazing Saddles*)
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  17. You looked up a deleted thread?

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  18. No, I remembered a deleted thread. I looked up when the event was at TCU.
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  19. Obviously, a group of Aggie roosters coming home to roost.

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