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I'm not Wes, and I'm not Scott.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Jul 4, 2020.

  2. If you never experienced Roddog, count yourself fortunate indeed.
  3. I’m doing alright. My neuropathy is very slow healing but I’m supposed to be starting a new treatment for it this coming week.

    The cancer treatment has worked very well, but the nerve damage that resulted from the cancer just takes a long time to heal.
  4. Been here since 2005 so yes I’m aware of Rainbows
  5. I wouldn’t necessarily agree. The Frog Horn is group think, albeit there are a few good people over there. 247 is great for recruiting, but that is what is and JC does a great job. KFC has been so much more. It all things TCU.

    Boards will always have hiccups. Until the past few weeks, lately 247 has had much vile thrown around than KFC. No other board has come close to matching the State of the Frogdom. What has made it work, is the sense of community within its members from gatherings to raising funds for someone in need. Have you forgotten that?

    Rating system is not a good idea IMO. Down votes are abused at other boards. Instead of being a tool to use when an outrageous post is made, people use it to disagree with out a response as to why. Thus, no dialogue or well thought debate. That is what a board is supposed to be.
  6. BABYFACE covered it pretty well. I come here for information, discussion and laughs. Sometimes it's a bit rough, but that can be from passion, or just being a butt-head.

    Fun for me, and that what counts.
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    Nerve damage is the worst man. It's gets better but it is absolutely sloooooow going. Progress becomes very hard to measure. Your attitude about the whole thing is pretty damn amazing. If anyone is gonna kick this thing's ass it's gonna be you.
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  8. So a pandemic and a polarizing president caused the board to go off the rails for a couple months and your solution is to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]can a site that has been bringing TCU fans together for going on 25 years??? That's not an overreaction at all.
  9. I've always considered myself to be more of an [ Arschloch] than a butthead.
  10. The Facebook group is far more active than this board. This board is pretty much exclusively Boomer, Gen X, and older Millennial fans, almost all of whom are male. That's not what I see on Facebook, which is a far better reflection of the alumni. I don't know about you, but I don't even see an influx of new posters with each freshman (or graduating) class anymore. It was never a flood, but where's the old, steady trickle? Where are the Maniacs of today?

    The board is atrophying, maybe dying. Outside of the absence of the Froghorn splitters, if we looked at the top posters in most threads today, how different is that list compared to five or fifteen years ago? Sure, some people have passed on. Others have changed handles. But where are the newbies?

    This type of format appears to be in decline. I see the same thing happening at Surly, though slower because it is a much larger user base and the site, even counting its origin as Shaggy, is much younger.
  11. You lost me at Facebook.
  12. I sure hope my posts aren't banned and that boobs aren't against the rules. If they are, my days here are numbered fellas.

    I'm totally pro mask...
  13. You have fun with that. Tell me about your annual Facebook get together with Schloss, Dixon, Pebley, Donati, and Denton.
  14. A2C718E7-D6C5-4AA5-901E-A3A87DEBFCB5.gif
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  15. I'm looking forward to the day we can complain about our offense or our defense or special teams instead of this stupid virus and the upcoming election.
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  16. You forgot about Jarrett Anderson and Dan Sharp and Sonny Cumbie and....
  17. That Facebook group is one of the biggest collections of unsophisticated morons I’ve ever seen. Their sports IQ, well lack thereof, is pretty unbearable. The majority of the active posters on that page don’t even appear to actually have degrees from TCU, let alone college degrees at all, which is fine, but to act as if the page is a good representation of our alumni base is pretty inaccurate imo.

    It is an interesting point though that we don’t seem to have many new, active posters on here that are current students or recent grads. I started posting on here as a senior in high school nearly 11 years ago.

    Maybe it’s because TCU has been taken over by Californians that would rather work on their sun tan than talk about tcu sports.
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  18. Facebook is the worst thing in existence.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Dad was from Azle.
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