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I'm not Wes, and I'm not Scott.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. I realize the last several months of lockdown—coupled with the current political and cultural climate—has caused many rational, sane individuals to loose their sense of decency and ability to behave. We tried being understanding of these circumstances and during a lack of any relevant sports-related news allowed COVID related topics to bubble up on the FFF. But, many (ok all) just devolved into ridiculous political shouting matches. In recent weeks, the mods and I have tried to move threads and remove offensive posts as soon as we've seen them or had them reported. However, as we all have jobs and many posts go unreported, we're apparently unable to move quickly enough for some posters.

    Over the last few weeks I've received a number of harassing and a few down right threatening messages from individuals upset about a post that wasn't immediately removed or a poster immediately banned. Until today I had never banned a single poster here on KillerFrogs; that was a task both Scott and Wes handled. In fact, over the years I had to talk Scott out of banning posters on several occasions (not just steel), while at the same time arguing with him about certain posters that he seemed to like having around, but were obvious bomb throwers.

    During my time here on the board I've only ever played the support role. I made sure the lights stayed on, the coffee was warm, and kept the home fires burning. I didn't need to be reminded of this fact by more than one poster this last week. I understand everyone thinks Wes or Scott would have kicked poster A or B off the board the minute they said X or Y, but to be blunt I don't think any of you really know how difficult those decisions were to them, or just how hard it's been (with the exception of steel) ...

    [I had a lot more written here and decided it was best to not include any of it]

    Okay, so here is what is going to happen. First, it's my birthday this weekend and since I threatened to start handing out vacations I'm going to give one to myself for the next couple of days. I trust the mods that will check in to handle things as best as they can during that time.

    Second, when I get back I'll be reviewing the board rules (which I did not write—counter to what someone claimed last week) and will discuss them with the mods. We will be enforcing the rules with both the warning system and vacations—if required. I'll be sure to explain all of this in a followup thread later so there aren't any misunderstandings as to why a thread got banished, a post wasn't deleted, or a poster is still around after a single infraction.

    Finally, and this is only for the few individuals who sent some of those messages these last couple of weeks, please stop comparing me to my friends and telling me daily how much they would hate what I'm doing.

    [This thread will be deleted when I get back]
  2. Happy 4th!
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  3. Happy birthday.
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  4. Be safe.
    Enjoy that vacation.

    And thanks for all you do for this Frog nation.
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  5. People need to calm the hell down

  6. God has a plan for your life
  7. People messaged you that kind of stuff? What tools.

    To get this thread on track - what does everyone think of COVID and the lockdowns?
  8. It would be impossible for TxFrog1999 to be Wes or Scott cause Steel once saw a story — which was verified — where 1999 and Scottie got involved in some sort of drunken bacchanalia and somehow Kelly ended up dead and Wesley just stood by and let it all happen. Or something.

    The story will prolly remained consigned to the annals of History...
  9. Azle is beautiful this time of year.
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  10. So who got banned?
  11. you should post whoever sent you messages like that. the board won’t let them live it down and the problem will take care of itself.

    kfc is close to needing a fight night at frog fountain.
  12. Kinda hoping it was me.
  13. You're not Wes, and you're not Scott. It's time for you to take a shot!
    Enjoy your vacation!
  14. I was starting to get more likes lately......shucks
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  15. There’s really only been about 10 consistent posters on the forum in perpetual political shoot outs for the last three months. I bet the banned will be pretty obvious.
  16. Enjoy your birthday and holiday weekend, TxFrog1999.
  17. Dang, and I was just planning on posting a boobie gif.
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  18. Jesus is never quoted in scripture as hsving said that.
  19. Happy birthday you filthy animal.
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  20. He was paraphrasing. Matthew chapter 6.

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