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If we win out

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. And ISU wins out, which means we would face them again in Big 12 Championship

    1) Do we beat ISU the 2nd time around?

    2) Is it enough for the CFP?

    1) I don’t know if we beat them, but it would be a hell of a game to watch.

    2) Florida may be the team we want to root against. Especially if they continue to play well. Also, Miami. They could be the 2nd team from their conferences, or push perennial favorites to the “should we let a 1-loss Bama or Clemson in?”
  2. Brakes ..... tap 'em.
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  3. Jesse Palmer said the same thing on ESPN College Football Final. When asked who could represent the Big XII this year in the CFP, he said TCU. Pointing out that Duggan didn't play the first half of the Iowa State game last week.

    Duggan has command of the offense, Meacham has called 2 good games in a row. We need to continue to fix the defensive and offensive lines.

    K-State,OU, and OSU have to come to Fort Worth.

    I think we have a shot. There is talent on this team and we appear healthy.
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  4. Yes we beat them and no to CFP
  5. I said after we lost the opener that I think this team still has a chance to be good. I don't know about "run the table" good, but maybe 7-3 type good. Could we do it? If we clean up the sloppiness, get better on the OL, and see the typical improvement we usually do from Gary's D as the year progresses then we absolutely have the talent to beat everyone left on the schedule.
  6. way too early. If Max is healthy we have a shot. That's about it.
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  7. Last week you were wondering what Gary will do after it doesn't work out at TCU. Yesterday you weren't happy with the direction of the program even after a win. Now you're talking about what happens if we win all the rest of our games.

    Do you believe any of this or are you just a conversation starter?
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  8. Pump the brakes... we just beat a mediocre UT team, not Bama or Georgia.

    Plus OSU is looking really good. KState and OSU will be a challenge.
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  9. Wow! I watched the OU-ISU game for a while, and there were so many commercials and breaks that I fell asleep on the couch. Mrs. Brewingfrog commanded that I go to bed, so as to allow her to sleep more peacefully on the other couch. Looked to me like ISU was going to get screwed out of it last I saw.

    Glad they won!
  10. True. All true.

    What has me optimistic all of a sudden is that we played a pretty good game, all told. Sure, there are some spots that continue to be worrisome, but overall the difference from last week to this week was striking. Somebody figured out we can run the ball, and the receivers actually catch the ball! Woo-hoo!

    This just in: We get both of those teams at home, one this coming week. I know it's not our usual pattern to improve week-to-week (at least in the last couple of years), but, on the off chance we do, it will be an interesting matchup with KState.
  11. After next week, either:

    Both UT and OU will have two conference losses; or

    OU will be 0-3 in conference.

    Wow! Worth noting that OU becomes easier to beat when out of the race. Very few examples of that recently, however.
  12. We need to actually put a complete game together first..I’m bullish on this team but goodness it has enormous problems in the trenches.
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  13. The only thing that matters right now is beating Kansas St next week.
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  14. Is this not a DISCUSSION board? Are you even fans of college football? It is a HYPOTHETICAL situation. I need to know who to root for or against when I watch the other games, just in case we manage to pull this off.

    It is clear that Big 12 coaching has not responded well to the pandemic, and anything is possible.

    Do I root for Miami next week against Clemson as I love the Miami resurgence, but IF we handle business, Miami beating Clemson is NOT good. I hate the SEC, but that means we need Bama to lay waste to everyone.

    Like I posed in the other post, what happens IF we don’t make a bowl...again. We beat Texas last year, but being a losing team was not anything any of us liked.

    So, if you don’t want to discuss the hypothetical, what are you even doing on the board?
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  15. Besides, the only place I get my sports news and discussion is from here and gambling sites. Gambling sites and shows don’t have an agenda other than to predict the games, which I like more than listening to Klatt and the other talking heads.
  16. The way this season is going, those 3 losses could still put is in the Big 12 Championship game.
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  17. On to K-State at home this coming Saturday in The Carter. K-State's quarterback was knocked out of their game against Tech yesterday with an arm injury. TCU should practice hard after this win at UT and how we lost to Iowa State. Gary wins on this coming Saturday. Go Frogs!
  18. It's not the craziest thing in the world.



    Gives us a 15% (1 in 7) chance of winning the conference. The one remaining team ahead of us in FPI is Oklahoma State who we get at home in the last game of the year.
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  19. The craziest thing is that the Big 12 an element of the tiebreaker for who goes to the championship is... point differential. That XP could come back to haunt us.

    Not likely but interesting thought...

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