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If fall sports are cancelled, I don't see a way back for years.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. I'm a plaintiff's personal injury lawyer and I know this nation needs Covid-19 liability immunity across the board. This week in Congress is the best bet to get it done. The NCAA is banking on Congress to pass some sort of liability shield to play.
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  2. bingo. Before any final decisions are made, trial balloons will be sent out
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  3. Are you in favor of that happening?
  4. I always find the media types, who like to scream about data and the science, laughable. Because when data shows what works, or even when actions are taken that the media screamed were needed (such has putting people in controlled settings), they suddenly go the other way.
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  5. I guarantee that medical issues are not what this is all about no matter what they say.
  6. Is there any research being done to determine how aliens from outer space have possibly impacted this whole COVID thing? I feel like that's the one angle that no one has taken yet in the debate.
  7. yes
  8. Aliens came here and found out that they were bio-degradable and left.
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  9. Follow the money
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  10. I totally agree. And in the end it will all be about the money.
  11. Concerning cancellation: Recently the Presidents and AD's have been caught with a cookie jar loaded with with million dollar bills and a conference whose players have demanded a piece of the billion dollar pie made from college sports. In other words the universities knew about this but were not ready for the problems now on top of Covid. What has become apparent to AD's are the number of players in 'every' conference who now support (quietly) the the Pac 12 group. The virus Covid allows a quick excuse to address this growing problem in college athletics with needed discussion. Yesterday afternoon I listened to an ex-college player who became a pro coach who became a head coach in college. (retired recently) He indicated with a few phone calls to friends in the coaching ranks that more and more players were closing ranks on this . Apparently AD's told the Presidents we have a real problem growing and the product we put on the field would become a nightmare in PR. Some of the Pac 12 demands are doable and some are not and apparently the problem is growing and they need time to figure how to these demands-- and Covid gave pause for thought. Believe the Pac 12 conference had less then two weeks to agree and if not, they would not play. (When you pay the head coach at Alabama 9 million dollars and he has 13 game analyst assistants and 5 secretaries, it appears some money is in the grape vine. Or when UT gave each BB player a 43" HD television for their locker, some extra money is available. One player said, just give me the money instead of an HD TV. According to the man I listened to, it gets worst. Realize either way, the athletic programs are going to take less money one way or another. Not an advocate just stating what appears to be obvious to some individuals who play the game.
  12. No, they came here, saw that we were all bat-[ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] crazy, and hit hyperspace as fast as they could.
  13. Could just me, but these two scenarios seem very different:

    - Today: Tens of thousands infected daily, no vaccine, 1 or 2 treatments approved.

    Sept. 1 2021: (Likely) hundreds infected daily, vaccine rolled out to majority of planet, 3-4 treatments (included tami-flu equivalent) widely available

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't my case for not playing this year, just disagreeing with the OP thesis of "we won't be back to normal for multiple years." No it seems like we are on the cusp right now, based on the evidence available.
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  14. fairly sure this is covered in p2 of lvh's tome entitiled "conspiracies i believe in"
  15. And now a word from Planet Steel!
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  16. You have nobody to blame but yourselves
  17. about?

    your truly don't believe this is about the covid and wearing scheissing masks do you?
  18. Mammal cells could struggle to fight space germs


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  20. Not enough of them
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