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I love Kevin Samuel but...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. He went to a Frogs football game once when he was a student and handed them his ID and they said, "Sorry sir, you can't sit in student section with a AARP ID card."
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  2. This. It's sad.
    I mean all year I've watched KS go up for rebounds, but normally he just tries to tip the ball and if it somehow gets to the floor a guard always manages to snatch it away from him. smh
  3. We must be watching different games.

    Most of these teams have size and when the paint gets clogged it's almost impossible to come down outright with a rebound. Kevin, dozens of times this year, tips it to HIMSELF when he can't get it outright, and usually comes down with it. I've actually considered him very good at this.

    The year one to year two KS performance shows vast improvement and good potential. I'm not worried about his NBA prospects until he plays a year or two more. With similar improvements, years three and four have much higher ceilings. If he has to leave early to make dough, then I wish him great success. But I'd like him to stay and develop.
  4. From the person who brought you "we suck and can't beat anyone" comes this...

  5. We are really starting over..........again. Sad, but true. those wheels falling off last year really, really, set us back a couple of years but it appears Jamie is all in now but he must recruit and like you say, big power forwards 6'10" or so that can score and defend in the paint. We get a couple and we gone.
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  6. the one hole in the frogs recruiting classes since dixon has come back is at the 4 position.

    i mean a true, bang in the paint, bring some physical toughness to the lineup type of 4 and not the stretch, hybrid type we saw with noi who looked like karl malone when compared to lat.

    they did sign pierce out of juco, but he opted for europe and they missed when feron hunt flipped to smu.

    curious if finding that type of 4 is akin to recruiting quality defensive ends or they made a change in offensive philosophy to play small ball
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  7. Yep. Obviously the last two games were very good performances and shows the team hasn't quit, but that doesn't change the fact that the prospects for next year don't look very good. This isn't an up and coming team, it's a program just trying to kind of hang on right now. Production this year, especially as of late, has been dominated by seniors.

    The defections last year were crippling.
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  8. I think this is an up and coming team. Freshmen have gotten valuable playing time. We have two transfers that will be a great additions, and we have a really good recruiting class.
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  9. big keys for next year starts with who does or does not return. if everyone returns the frogs don't have to try to scramble to fill a hole in the roster as they have the past few seasons.

    easley will be interesting in what he brings to the team. i would love to see him play the 3, but suspect he ends up at the 4.

    i would love to see the offense depend less on 1-2 players getting hot and focus more on ball movement and hopefully more pace.

    the roster has a number of athletes who excel in the open court and hope they don't get bogged down in half court warfare.
  10. The entire program fell apart last year and IMO, it's remarkable that Jamie can still win a game with this makeshift team.

    Next year? Well, believe we can get some production out of Easley and Pearson, but then again, we need size and the ability to score in the paint and it ain't Lee. Don't look for any significant freshman help coming on so it appears we are probably 2 years away from being significant, if that.

    Who comes up with Bane's points and his ability to take over a crucial game?
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  11. Fuller
  12. I bet RJ and PJ both are huge offensive contributors next year. I also have a feeling Diante gets a lot more comfortable out there and we'll get some other points from Pearson/Easley/O'Bannon. Taryn Todd could give us some bench scoring too.

    And I think we'll see some instant impact from Lampkin, Frank, and Miles. Frank has looked damn impressive when I've seen him on TV and it sounds like Miles could be the PG we've needed to get all of these guys the ball in position to score. If Samuel stays I think Lampkin could be a perfect compliment with him in the post.

    I really am excited about next year's roster, especially if KS comes back. I'm a little worried about that given some nuggets Skip shared earlier in the season and the fact that we're out recruiting a couple other guys to fill a spot in this class. If we sign another it would mean one of our non-seniors isn't returning.
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  13. There are a bunch of people on here that I would never want to watch a game with.
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    Hope always springs eternal but I doubt any impartial national observer would see this as an up and coming team. We lose 3 of our top 5 scorers from a team that has had a lot of trouble scoring. A couple of the new kids are going to be a lot better than expected and while the recruiting classes haven't been bad, it's not like we're adding elite level talent.
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  15. We lose our top 3 scorers? Do you know something that none of the rest of us do?
  16. I meant 3 of our top 5 scorers. Edited.
  17. Technically Grayer and Dennis are #4 and #5 in scoring but I don't think any of us would consider either of those guys to be scorers. They score a combined 14 ppg. Fuller himself will likely come close to that if not surpass it.

    3 legitimate concerns for next year's team are lack of rebounding, lack of 3 point shooting, and PG play. Those have all been concerns this year too and the only one of those 3 that potentially gets worse next year is the 3 point shooting.

    We MUST get more consistent 3 point shooting or we will probably be hovering around this same type of record next year. Up until last night, we basically won every game where we shot the 3 well but there have been far too many 20% type games that have cost us. And we know we lose the one guy who has been doing most of the heavy lifting on the 3 point shooting.
  18. I think a season of experience for Bello and the arrival of Miles will markedly improve our PG play next year. I'm not really worried about that concern.

    I'll only share concern for rebounding if KS doesn't come back. If he does he'll continue to be our primary rebounder and I think we'll have a lot more depth at the 4 and 5 to sustain a rebounding presence. If KS doesn't return I'll maybe share your concern.

    I do worry about 3 point shooting a little. I know we've got some guys red shirting or coming in who can score, but none are sharp shooters like we've seen from Bane. What I'll say on this is that improved PG play could really help some guys with 3 point range to improve their shooting percentages.
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  19. All of that may end up being true but until we actually see it then we are doing a certain degree of hope trafficking, particularly I think with the PG play. I certainly don't think we'll be WORSE there just not sure if it'll be any better.

    Rebounding certainly in theory should see at least some improvement simply by KS continuing to improve and more big bodies coming in. Just need to actually see it on the floor next year.
  20. Come on guys you know we have no optimism next year just like we’re going to finish last in the conference, oh wait. We have no one coming in that can play and without Desmond we won’t win a game.
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