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I love Kevin Samuel but...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. ...I hope this game shows him tonight that he doesn't need to flirt with the NBA draft and should absolutely come back for at least one more year...probably two.

    Azubuike stayed for 4 years and he went from a similar, no offense, raw talent to the best center in the country. Had he left two years ago he goes undrafted and is playing in Isreal or Turkey. But now... Next year he's an NBA contributor.

    That's what Kevin should be thinking...put in four good years like him and Bane and Kenny Hustle so when you get there you are as ready as possible

    Big Kev is no where near NBA ready now but he does has the tools to be a 10 year NBA player...if he stays two more years.
  2. If Samuel stays two more years, he’ll be 25 by the time it would be his first NBA game.

    Azubuike had the advantage of being a 16-year old freshman at KU. He’s only 20 now.
  3. I doubt he is thinking pro ball now and at any rate, Dixon and staff will wise him up. Problem is, we don't have anyone to spell him for a breather, not even remotely close.
  4. This is hard to fathom. I watched JD's Pitt teams over the years off and on. I never saw a guy Samuel's size, but seems like they always had at least two real bruisers on the court at all times... Hard-hitting power forward type bodies. Was kind of a trademark of those teams, unless I am just completely imagining things. Don't understand why he doesn't have them now.
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  5. Those guys hardly exist in basketball anymore. Everybody on the court is a wing.
  6. If Kevin ever plays a minute in the NBA I’ll be surprised. He doesn’t have the talent to play in there. Great kid but he’s older and he might want to make whatever money he can. I hope he stays because he can help us but if he leaves I can’t be mad at him.

    As for Doke I don’t really know how good he’ll be at the next level. The game has changed and his skill set isn’t suited for it. He should be a good rim protector and in the right situation could be a usable piece.
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  7. Just wait til Baby Shaq suits up next year for us...
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  8. Of course, good big men can play until their late 30s. Tim Duncan retired at 39, Patrick Ewing at 39, Shaq at 40ish, etc. I don't think starting at 25 is a problem. And if he were to not get significant minutes on an NBA team in that first couple years, I suspect the NBA teams might prefer him playing college ball too and getting minutes. Then, he could come out at 25 as a more polished product who can more easily justify getting minutes.
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  9. Those aren’t “good” big men. Those are HOF big men.
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  10. This.
  11. Hakeem- Best of all. Dude was ridiculously devoted to self-improvement. Even well into his 30s, he was developing/inventing some new aspect of his offensive game every offseason.
  12. seen lampley play and he isn't baby shaq
  13. Kurt Thomas played in the league until he was 67 years old. He got this.
  14. Samuel will never play in the NBA. He has hands made of cement. He can't catch. He can't pass. Plus, just look how bad every one Kansas threw out there took Samuel to the basket with ease. Plus, he can't shoot free throws.
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  15. I think he ONLY meant in terms of size
  16. Never? So it's not even a possibility that he can ever improve any of his skills?
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    Not sure if you're just trolling, but I disagree about KS. He definitely has a lot to work on, but he's shows substantial improvement as this season has worn on with free throws. He's a really good shot blocker and a defensive presence around the rim that alters shots even if he doesn't block them. He's demonstrated this all season long and even last year.

    He has enormous upside. Just remember he didn't start playing basketball until a couple years before he came to TCU. He's still drinking from a fire hose compared to the kids he's playing against.

    He's got an NBA body and he appears to have the work ethic to improve. If he develops a low post game with his back to the basket (he's flashed potential with that hook shot) and a mid-range jumper I think he'd be a complete big man who could play for most anybody in the NBA. Sure, he has other things he can improve upon (every player at this level does), but I think he's demonstrated by now a willingness and ability to do so.

    I agree with others that the NBA won't spend time on a guy as raw as he is at his age trying to develop him, but if he takes advantage of his next two years of eligibility he could find himself a lot more polished and a lot more attractive to NBA teams.
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    Well Lampley most definitely is not Baby Shaq. Lampkin on the other hand....

    Ha, of course he’s not the next coming of Shaq. But he’s a big body and hoping he can and will bang down low.
  19. You can't win in Morgantown right now without a guy who can play like that on the block. The Baylor/Eers game Saturday will be a great watch for fans who like to see a physical match-up in the post. Vital, Clark, and Gillespie will be in a dog fight with Big O and Culver.
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  20. the kid in some ways is the opposite of kevin in that he has better offensive skills, good hands, and better offensive instincts.

    tough to say right now just how physical he will be in college as the two games i have seen he either didn't face a big who was much of a physical match or they played a team that pushed the ball the entire game (i.e. yates in the opener)

    he reminds me a bit of cameron ridley who played at texas when the frogs first entered the big 12. skilled on the offensive end, plays more below the rim that above, and he definitely is a 5 and not a 4 which i think is what the original intent of billy clyde's post.

    i think lampkin will give the frogs 3 guys who play the 5 and they will still have questions at the 4 that are hopefully answered by frank, pearson, or smith
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