How-To Report Bad Ads/Redirects

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  1. On a positive note, at least I get a $1,000 gift card for my trouble.

    Are we hoping people will use these gift cards for paid memberships?
  2. Just got this one.

  3. Now the redirects are coming from a new website, This is far beyond ridiculous...
  4. Just got this one 2 minutes later.

  5. IPhone 6S
    Safari gift card offer
  6. Site was unusable for me this morning at 10AM. Immediate redirects. Appears to be fixed now.
  7. I had to go to default mode. Redirected on IPhone. Just started today.

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  8. hanks, this is a very interesting article
  9. So I got another redirect today on mobile and immediately cleared my cache and cookies. Before I could even enter my username to login again I was redirected. That happened twice and I gave up. The site is currently unusable for me on mobile. I'll try again later, but if it happens again I won't try it for a while. I can't even stay on long enough to switch to the blue skin with no ads.
  10. I have been getting redirects for weeks now, and just stopped reporting it. It doesn't do any good. They just keep popping up under a different URL's. I keep getting the same 3 redirects from,, and
  11. New redirects coming from saying this is a malicious site & that my cell phone now has a virus. Just letting you guys know. The others stopped over the weekend, but this one just happened.
  12. Redirect free for almost a month but got 4-5 already today via mobile. Some of the same that I have reported before.
  13. Ads going crazy today. Getting an add in between every five threads. What? No more ad-free advantage for paid members?
  14. I have been getting redirects most all morning on my iPhone.
  15. Redirects all day for past two days. Something has changed

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