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Houston stadium and atmosphere sucked

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Attendance smack from Frog fans is bad look. Glass houses and all of that. Attendance can be a tough nut to crack for a university in a major city. UCLA, Miami, SMU, etc. We‘ve had our issues as well.
This. All teams won't be good at the same time. Those who are not good will likely not have sellouts.

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They pack stadiums in places where there are big universities in college towns where there is scant competition for entertainment. Places like College Station, Lincoln, NE, Ann Arbor, et al. Universities in larger municipalities, generally places filled with all manner of professional sports team and a wide range of entertainment opportunies, such as concerts, diverse and high quality restaurants, etc. notoriously have difficulty filling stands.


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The crowd wasnt that bad. It was probably 80% full at peak, with mostly the homeside upperdeck being sparsely populated.

It thinned out immediatepy after they started booing the offensive coordinator for running into brick walls in the third. The student section checked out at that point.

Amon Carter wasn't any better off on fans during the butt whippings we took towards the end of Patterson's era. Coog fans have checked out on Dana. I get it. They gave thier fans few chances to cheer yesterday. The Frogs strangled them sloppily for a half, and as they weakened in the second half, we finished it efficiently while whispering softly in thier ear.
Consistent w/what we saw on tv. 1st game they could have given 1,000s to high schoolers to fill it in and build the base. Something we did back in the day. Lots of those kids are now frog fans v tech,it and ag. Seems like that started w/the great Lois Winkleman?


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Folks bashing Houston fan like we're one of the 10 or 12 programs in the country immune to losing/fan apathy. We are not.

We rolled out 37 and 35k "official" attendance numbers for WVU and Kansas games as recently as 2021. 35k for the FCS game to start that season too.
Still a good 15k ton17k more than we pulled in when I was in school. We used to dream of averaging 30k. The only sell outs were when UT and Arkansas showed up with their hordes looking for a blow out…

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Humidity sux.
Not criticizing, Froglaw, but I always chuckle when people complain about Houston humidity. You mean a city by the ocean is humid? Who'd have thought?

It's just a matter of what you're acclimated to. When I was growing up in Houston, I rarely noticed the humidity. Out-of-towners would say, "How can you stand this?" And I'd say, "Stand what?" Then I moved to Fort Worth. My first three summers here, I thought this place was burnt-over desert, and I could never get enough water to drink.


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I wasn't at the game, but the Fox broadcast was about 30 seconds behind the live action. I would accidently read what happened on the next play in the game thread "before it happened." I thought it was just my TV but others reported it also.


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Attendance smack from Frog fans is bad look. Glass houses and all of that. Attendance can be a tough nut to crack for a university in a major city. UCLA, Miami, SMU, etc. We‘ve had our issues as well.
I don't think anyone would be criticizing them for occasional poorly attended games against distant and bad opponents in the middle of terrible seasons.

This was their first ever Big 12 game, at night, against an in state opponent who played in the NCG last year. Outside of having their first game be against Texas, there's no way this could've setup better for them to have a huge showing.

Others have mentioned some poor numbers for a few Frog games in the past as being around 35k - 37k announced attendance. I have a feeling UH might put up several 20k - 25k numbers when they have teams like West Virginia or Iowa St come to town. People can criticize TCU attendance all they want and at times it's very much deserved but given the size of the school, so many alumni who live out of state, and location in a pro sports town then generally speaking we punch way above our weight class in that area.

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I think the sight-lines, even in the visitor's section, weren't terrible. The stadium looks A LOT worse from the outside than inside. It reminded me of the Independence Bowl/Farrington Field from the outside, but they put a thin, school-colored facade around it to make it look better. Inside I was surprised. There was plenty of room for concessions and lots of SRO viewing.

Driving around the stadium area it damn-ear looks more like a plant than a university campus. The jumbotron wasn't very jumbo, but it was adequate. Quite frankly, the fieldturf looked thin and cheap and made me thankful for our grass. It has a train station that drops you off right at the stadium. Nice idea, but it didn't get much use.

Cool thing is that Frenchy's Chicken, a neighborhood staple, is right across the street.

Amon G. Carter Stadium spoils us.
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