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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Say none of the other P5 conferences expand. Our best bet is join with the other seven in the Big 12, add BYU (holding our nose) because of their viewership, add Boise, and then any two of the strongest G5 teams not in Texas and make it the strongest G5 conference there is so that if the CFP expands like the plan is, the Big 12 is perennially in the conversation and build the conference back from there.
  2. Another easy football win for Wisconsin to pad their resume
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  4. That seems so sacrilegious to me, but I did grow up in Texas.
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  5. Wow, not gonna happen but talk about going nuclear…

  6. TCU might actually end up having an easier path to an expanded playoff than it did with OU/UT in the Big 12.

    Similar to when there was an easier path to the BCS out of the MWC.
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    None of this is close to probable, but anything could be possible. ....
    TCU will end up in the P12 or ACC....
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  8. It’s possible … on the other hand, the Pac 12 hasn’t won a national championship in football in over a decade, and it’s been two decades since they did it in basketball.

    It’s become largely irrelevant in many of its own markets.
  9. Bwahahaha. I forgot about this guy...

  10. A Pac eastern division of Ariz. ASU Utah Colo. Tech OSU Baylor and TCU would be a much easier path. I don’t know about a back filled Big 12.
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  11. Is there a sports talk show host who isn’t?

    I guess maybe Dan Pateick but I haven’t listened to him or any other sports talk host in years.

    But you look around at the egos and paychecks some of these sports talk heads like SAS, Bayless, Cowherd, Rome have and it’s kind of astonishing sports media got to this point.
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  13. Imagine making that tweet and not realizing how pathetic it is.
  14. He graduated from UT. Not likely to stop this
  15. 2 division of Colorado, Utah + remaining 8 and old Pac 10 is not that crazy sounding.
  16. Tell me how much the PAC makes now and how much it would make with that merger and I’ll tell you if it might happen. My guess would be less money and “no”.
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  17. The nationwide TV ratings thing is something I’ve been saying for years. The footprint of that conference will care (or most of it), but will anyone else??? I won’t.
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  18. Yep. Diluted.
  19. You are way too optimistic in this scenario. The reality is that they are crossing all the tripwires they need to cross in order to get their desired 24-32 team super organization of blue bloods and shut everyone else out.

    There will be no 12 team playoff. You heard it here first. The blue bloods and big schools will set up a playoff to benefit them and them only.
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