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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference


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That probably falls to someone higher than him. JD is only a bit player in something like this.

Not true. He's #2 here. The strategy call last night with the remaining B12 members were the Presidents and ADs, and apparently the ADs did a lot of the legwork. Donati HAS to make alliances with Hocutt and whoever the Oky State AD is. And he needs to be telling Baylor that we are friends.


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Adding any group of 5 schools is going to turn the Big 12 into a group of 6 conference. No way the football champion of a Big 12 with UH and Memphis/Cincy is given a sniff of the playoff.

outside shot of attracting Arkansas and Mizzou. Sadly could use A&M defection but they don’t want to appear to be running scared.

Let’s be real … whatever is left of the Big 12 will be a group of 6 conference without OU/Texas, and maybe Kansas and others.


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A gutted B12/AAC merger has no more relevance than the current AAC has but if its all we got, than its all we got. Have a hard time believing we would retain an auto bid to the college football playoff so essentially a "New B12" is just another G5 conference with slightly more fire power. Not necessarily a bad thing if we can retain some recruiting prowess but I highly doubt that happens.

We need OU/UT to pay us out quickly. That money will buoy us while we figure out a life of penny pinching.