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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. In that scenario, TCU would play one home and road against the other side in a 9 game conference schedule which would be one west coast game a year. Most of those wouldn’t be 9:30.
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  2. I always assumed you were a grown man but these responses make me strongly question that. And FWIW, there might be one person posting in this thread that actually knows what he’s talking about.
  3. Nobody here has ever assumed you were an adult

    always the first to get uptight over an internet discussion

    (no we don’t care what JC has to say since he’s your only source)
  4. This is a message board where people are speculating on what is going to happen. You have no idea what is going on either? So it’s fun for you to try and make people feel stupid because you don’t agree with their ideas on something that nobody (including you) know anything about.

    Seems like you may want to keep those hot tales to yourself.

    I actually think the Nebraska to the Big 12 could have some legs. Nebraska has gone from a National power to a complete after thought. You think they like being completely mediocre in the big 10? If OU/UT leave, they could step in and be the blue blood/alpha male college and potentially return to prominence. That seems like that could be enticing to Nebraska. In the last 20 years they have gone from a top 5 program to a top 50 program.
  5. And the beacon of rational thought chimes in. I’d be more insulted if you agreed with me than I am by this.
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  6. I’ll add you to the list.
  7. nebraska did hire trev albert as their ad so after that move i guess nothing is out of the realm of possibility
  8. No it doesn't. It's so freaking dumb. They would be willingly giving away $10+mm a year not to mention the academic prestige of B10. No no no no no. Why would going to the Big 12 make them better competitively? The B10 isn't good outside of Ohio State and sometimes Wisky. And if the B12 loses UT and OU, our next contract (even wiht Nebraska) would probably be like $20mm/year. NO NO NO NO NO not happening
  9. And 10 million is being VERY conservative. It might be closer to 30+ when it’s all said and done.
  10. for some reason people just don't grasp there are not two other universities who have the brand and i mean true name recognition brand in football, eyeballs, and budgets on the level of ou and texas that are not in a better situation and this isn't about wins.

    if nordstroms and neiman's pulls out as two anchors in a mall and you bring in kohl's and mervyn's the profile of the average shopper is going to change and the money spent at all those other stores between those two anchors is going to go down
  11. This is one way to spice up the off season.
  12. Yeah just taking the current contracts. Like I noted in my post, once UT/OU leave, a fictional B12 with Nebraska and SMU would probably be like $20MM/year. It's idiotic to even suggest this situation for Nebraska
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  13. you’re assuming Ohio state doesn’t want to leave their basement dwelling conference mates

    they’re well aware they can make more money in the SEC or independent
  14. I mean sure, let's assume that Ohio State bolts from the B10, takes Michigan, Alabama and LSU says goodbye to the SEC to join Ohio State and Michigan, ND is like me too, Clemson wants all in on it, USC begs for a spot and SMU gets the surprise invite. They form the superhero conference. What happens now?
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  15. Agree. Realignment boards always assume that there is some centralized plan being enacted, but each league is just reacting to the own set of circumstances and variables, primarily financial. At this point, I'm not seeing how things change for the other conferences, making it most likely they stay pat. The Big 12 will be left with the decision of whether to go to 10 or 12 and who to add.
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  16. The big ten is Ohio state and used to be Michigan when they were relevant

    not a huge difference between 16 vs. 18 to figure out the scheduling.

    if it’s all about money the FCS games will be dropped for warm-ups against G5 or ACC

  17. wow, just when it seems you can't go any lower you find a way to push the bar down even more
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  18. Is tcu a religious school? One in-person visit and you’d probably say “no.”
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  19. Sounds like you’re clueless. Ohio state has discussed the move before to independent.

    sad! 18,000 posts in 3 years and they’re all drivel
  20. Thanks for acknowledging what I bring to the table here.

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