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Horns down penalty

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Wasn't this the 2012 TCU win in Austin? And wasn't Jesse Palmer the USC quarterback in the 1999 Sun Bowl when TCU made USC look bad? I'm surprised he did this under the circumstance of history....
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  2. Yes on the date, and no on the QB. Carson Palmer was the USC QB that day.
  3. Solution, just do the horns up but add the middle finger.
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  4. OK...penalty on me....
  5. You're released on your own recognizance. Go, and sin no more...

    (Oh, and have a beer!)
  6. Very simple solution, just do the horns up mockingly ala the Landshark against Ole Miss.
  7. This would be better.
  8. Or holding your hands like a horns up on your head like a land shark. That would actually be funny...
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  9. Any reason to repost these is a good reason. Never gets old...


    Not a landshark, but greatness none the less. "I just kicked you ass; now get the schiess off my field."


    And one more, just because.
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  10. Of course, technically - that would constitute the “Go Coogs” hand sign of the University of Houston.

    Go Frogs!
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  11. The last play, and everything leading up to it, is quite possibly my favorite TCU moment. Tank probably wins that argument but damn that whole series was fun. If you go back and watch the game, Bo was on the sidelines trying to pump up his team with “we are the SEC” crap right before taking the field. And then this happened. So awesome.
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  12. What was great about that play is the play right before it we barely missed getting the sack/safety. You knew they couldn't block us for another play. And then dumbo Wallace decides to try and throw the ball at the last second, turning it into a TD
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  13. The entire game was a party in the stands. Rose Bowl was bigger, but I’ve never had that much fun at a game before.
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  14. They made him apologize on national TV!

  15. I wasn’t at the Rose Bowl so for me the first half (plus a few minutes of second half) of Peach Bowl coupled with the second half and OT of the Alamo Bowl are the two times I have had the most fun at a game.

    Admittedly I missed some pretty awesome games live thanks to geography, having a pregnant wife and being way too into my career at that point.
  16. Alamo Bowl was different for me just because we got down by 30. Took a couple scores to get the crowd going. Peach in SEC territory, pick on their first possession, double pass, scheiss you Ole Miss
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  17. Had a mouthy Ole Miss fan in the seat behind me (with her parents who went to TCU). Pregame was pretty bad. Mouthiness noticably dropped about 5 plays in and disappeared altogether in the 2nd quarter. The SEC chant after the late FG was soooooo much fun.
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  18. I never noticed until just then that OleMiss left guard pulled on that play
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  19. We shared a cab with an Ole Miss couple from hotel to stadium that morning. They paid for the cab. It was like winning twice.
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