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Horned Frog Basketball v OU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Always looking on the bright side, right? This team will be in the NIT...not that that is a particularly laudable accomplishment
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  3. Aka LVH
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  4. I was just about to ask where dratings.com had us
  5. Haven’t been able to watch all the games this year due to the ESPN+ move, but the ones I have watched and reading game threads on those I haven’t, this team has just enough talent to get hot and be a little disruptive every now and then. But there’s not enough talent to do it consistently. That’s what separates top ends of conferences from the rest.

    And after 4 years, I’m not real sure what Dixon brings at this point(good, bad, or indifferent). Is what it is. Guess the jury is still out for me.
  6. This may have been covered but OU made 10 free throws in the last 5:02 in the game. The team that was BEHIND. It would make sense if the team that was up by 13 made that many because the losing team was fouling. It is almost impossible that the team that was behind made that many. I am not one to blame referees, but those fouls were so ticky tack and that little [ hundin] Reaves took advantage by flailing around like a [ hundin].
  7. Lots of tricky tack fouls it looked like but we also have a low basketball IQ team when it comes to that as we have seen down the stretch against Clemson, OU and evening Baylor although we held on
  8. RJ needs to work more on defense than he does on his hair. Many of OU's end of game points were scored with RJ guarding or fouling the scorer.
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  9. There were almost 40 fouls called in that game. How many free throws did our higher average players take in the second half when OU started the comeback? How many freebies did Bane attempt in particular?
  10. Hard to get fouled at the 3 pt line - unless you are playing TCU
  11. I think we are out of the NIT, they have Texas and Oklahoma State listed, also, our true record is 15-15 because our first win is against a D3 opponent which does not count when determining entrance or seeding into postseason...so, if we lose to KSU this week, we actually finish with a losing record...the really sad thing is we go to a bowl game if we beat lowly WVU and we would've been a lock for the NIT had we held on against OU yesterday, makes me really frustrated and sad at the same time...we have had so much success but this year has been full of missed opportunities...doesn't seem like our kids have that killer instinct or fighting spirit that has exemplified our programs over the last decade...
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  12. I do blame refs. Its pretty clear they have done what they can to make wins hard on TCU. That Reaves kid sold it well but man, the fouling was so ticky tack. Pathetic. And then, when someone is so on fire they cant miss, its not hard to see why this happened.

    Coaching wise, I wouldve put Fuller on Reaves regardless of the turnovers on Offense.
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  13. So we have nobody that can “sell it well”? That’s on us IMO. We could have generated a slew of fouls but chose not to. There’s at least a couple of players who’d I’d trust to knock down free throws but they didn’t create those opportunities.
  14. Bane is legit fouled every-time he goes into the lane. EVERY. He is so damn big it doesnt affect him. But he is.
  15. I don't blame the refs for the loss, but I do remember saying out loud several times "how is that not a foul?!"
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  16. What I hear both of you saying is that we don’t have anyone that knows how to sell a foul. Again...that’s on us.
  17. Refs should know better.
  18. And when they don’t you just say c’est la vie and take the loss? Lots of predictable failure when the reliance is on what people “should” do. And even more so when they show no inclination of doing what they “should” be doing.
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