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Horned Frog Basketball v OU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Let's win on senior day, how bout it guys? If we continue to play the way we have, I think we have a good shot.
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  2. Key to the game = guard Brady Manek
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  3. I hate Manek. Yet he lights us up for 30 every time. Ugh.

    Go Frogs!!
  4. And he’s ass ugly
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  5. Truth
  6. Hope Bane puts up 50 today
  7. Does a layup count if it goes up through the hoop? Asking for Dennis.
  8. Dennis being Dennis
  9. Is it just my imagination or are the Frogs off to a faster-than-usual start this afternoon?
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  10. It feels like we could run away with this if we could sustain another big run.
  11. Where is the “missed free throw” count sign? First time empty all season.
  12. Dang...too bad there's a basketball game that keeps interrupting Lunardi's chatter...
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  13. Lunardi has one of the best jobs in the world. No idea where that guy came from, but he talks about pretty useless stuff for months and then the second after the tournament field is set everyone forgets everything he said. The guy never says anything the average fan couldn’t figure out for themselves with about 15 minutes of research.
  14. Spring break I guess, $5 says the scoreboard tender is in South Padre.

    Where's the dude who said Samuel has hands of stone? They're looking pretty decent today.
  15. As long as it’s a catch and dunk his hands are virtually flawless
  16. Smith costing us
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  17. This team would be so much better if hew did not play Smith AT ALL.
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  18. For any of y'all following here, good halftime score. 44-26 good guys.
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  19. Fuller one on four tries to take it to the hoop. Expected result

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