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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. He's technically not wrong....
  2. i agree they shouldn't be a staple, but they can contribute and definite shore up a hole in your rooster.

    tech didn't hit the home run this year with clarke and the holyfield, but both those guys made impacts on that program.

    the bigger problem to me with grayer and dennis is they were asked to play roles that just didn't match their abilities.

    dennis is a streak shooter who came off the bench a good deal of the time at the two programs prior and nowhere in college has he been a primary ball handler. i truly hope the staff expected farabello to be ready to run the point and they didn't think from the start dennis was the answer at point because they might rival the thought delton could be an effective quarterback throwing the ball.

    grayer is not a 4 and was badly overmatched on the defensive end. as with my comments about dennis, i hope no one thought from the beginning grayer would solve the problem at 4.
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    All of this is solvable.............RECRUIT.

    Jamie was not on the floor the 2nd. half, but he sure should have come up with a solution for this:

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  4. Eight, both of your posts are good and have some things I’ve tried to say but apparently failed. Every player who played this year needs to improve exponentially. With the young guys they should improve as they mature and begin to understand what they need to do. The older guys have got to put in the work to get better ie ballhandling and shooting for RJ and getting stronger, working on his hands and FT shooting for Kevin. Wildcard is Easley who should be a real key and O’Bannon along with Pearson who bring some size.

    I am as frustrated as everybody else that this season hasn’t gone as we all expected. I just don’t tend to go overboard when expectations are not met. This season has gone pretty much as I expected because this roster was incomplete. If everyone comes back and we stay healthy I would expect the team to be much improved.
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  5. The Dennis as the PG was not what the staff intended when he signed. He had never been the lead guard before and has always been a volume shooter. Grayer was asked to defend guys 2-5 inches taller and did the best job he could. I wish we could recruit more length just because most good teams have it and the guys with long wingspans are more interchangeable.
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  6. this season actually went better than anybody expected. What I think happened is your expectations changed as the season progressed.
  7. I have to say Dogfrog that my expectations were not nearly as high as some. This roster had too much “hoping we hit guys” to make us a really good team. We had a frosh PG and a transfer who had to play there both of whom weren’t ready really hurt us.
  8. I think some of you are forgetting that the Big 12 has also gotten better since CJD arrived. We are playing in the toughest conference year in and year out! We have improved every year but so has the conference.... like I said from day one.... we will win some we shouldn’t and lose some we shouldn’t. Baylor went from winning 20 something straight to losing several the last few weeks..... it’s a grind!! We had 3 seniors, a very young team with several talented players coming in. I expect next year to be like this one and then we should be really good going forward if we continue to recruit at our current level.
  9. And seal up the transfer black hole....
  10. except that this year the conference after kansas and baylor the conference took a step backward compared to years past.

    frances called it early on and it played out that the middle of the conference was really muddled and you had a number of teams who would have a 2-3 week streak of playing well and then would just play like crap.

    additionally, the frogs might have multiple guys being new but a starting lineup of 3 seniors and 2 red-shirt sophs is just not a young team. tech, with 2 seniors and no juniors was a young teams, but the frogs with 5 guys who were in at least their 3rd year in college starting is not a young team
  11. Looking it up only Texas and WVU had less games played coming into this year with their rotations. We were experienced but not as much as you would think with playing three seniors.
  12. Agreed, like us Tech struggled with their experience as well. I’m not sure the conference is down this year as much as college basketball in general has no dominant team this year. Could be a year for a Cinderella to win it all.
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  13. Big difference between new to each other and young/inexperienced

    bringing in transfers that couldn’t contribute significantly was a major part of the problem this year

    but we were not young

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