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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Skip Jansen, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Same. It only pops back into my head when someone brings it up .
  2. Just want to say I miss Fisher if he were healthy. Even though he is playing at GCU, his health is unknown. I miss Davis as a leader but suspect there were other issues. I don’t miss Noi. I don’t miss Archie and I don’t miss Barlow. I am starting to really like Ledee especially if he becomes more consistent at the line. He played tough against a very physical inside team last night.
    We are going to get better with this rotation but KS has to stay out of foul trouble. He had a couple of dumb reaching fouls in open court last night. If he fouls it needs to be knocking people around inside which he is very capable of doing. I like Farabello. His confidence will improve and he can shoot, but he will make very few stupid turnovers and I’m ok with that. I am slightly upbeat if the rotation comes together and we keep fighting.
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  3. MT-

    Do you or Moose think that NCFrawg is an isolated example? Or do you think that Jamie's flirtation with UCLA fractured a segment of the fan base?

    Obviously, it didn't affect either one of you but could it have others?
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  4. This feels like a survey. Thesis?
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  5. I think we need to be in the middle of the pack in the Big 12 this year. We are not the worst team for sure. I still contend that this team will continue to improve the more they get to know each other. It's like a whole new team.
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  6. I want to have a team that is competitive, and that means having a shot at winning every game they step on the court for. There have been moments that this has happened over the prior 3 years, and there have been "What are we doing on the same court???" moments just the same.

    I think the facilities have risen to the expectation, although it is still a little disappointing to see so many open seats at each game. Quick aside: I'd love to see the upper bowl seats be granted to Boys and Girls clubs, Boy Scouts, volunteer programs. If the seats aren't sold a week before....they're not gonna be....Give them away, and get some excited rambunctious fans into the games. It means way more to certain groups than people realize.

    Coaching seems to be there. I'll take Jaime yelling and being invested in every game over a coach who sits down and wonders where or what he's gonna drink that night. (We've all seen those guys too). The recruiting aspect seems to be hit or miss. I think PJ Fuller and Diante Smith have shown promise. I think that losing our entire 2018 class shows we may have been reaching for stuff that wasn't there. If we truly want to play with the top tier, we have to get ready for 1 or 2 and dones as well.

    I attend as many basketball games as my schedule and marriage will allow. I have offered as many tickets up as I am able to cheering Frog fans. It feels way better than the Beatdown years of young Parrish, Kyan Anderson and Shepherd. We all want to see that "AhHa" game that says "We are ready!!!". We got close to that a couple of times.

    Play-wise we sometimes look tight. Quick...not fast. Pushing....not forcing. We saw a little run and gun last night and it certainly took Winthrop out of their game for a little bit. We have the legs, (Grayer, Fuller) and I really like what I think Leedee can become. Samuel already looks better down low than last year. The only real question mark I have is "Which Bane and which Nemhard are gonna show up?"

    tl;dr- Getting there, but seems a little "meh" right now.
  7. My exact thoughts.
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  8. Need to recruit better, period. Need more dominant Bigs that can play inside and step out a little, while also staying out of foul trouble.
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  9. Been awhile since I did a Thesis. I doubt a bibliography of 'stage names' from Killerfrogs would suffice.

    Seriously, I'm just curious. I've always had a fascination with how fan bases think and feel about their program. College fan bases and political parties are the two most partisan groups in existence, after all. It's fascinating to me.
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  10. I’ve enjoyed the thread so far. Nice change of pace.
  11. Doesn't bother me-- I want my coach to get feels from other schools so I know he is valuable.
    What gives with Samuel? He looks like an unhappy camper-- hope it's not a medical issue.
    Looks like NCAA is going to approve paying players. How will we handle that?
  12. I think how Dixon flirted with UCLA and the mess that ensued is hard to forgot for some including me. I’ve watched all the games this year in TV and I root for the team, but I don’t root for Dixon. Not sure why it bothered me so much, but it did and still does.
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  13. Thank you. That's a very well thought out and honest response. Even offered up some solutions (giving tickets). Don't see that on social media very often.
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  14. I think some still think about it. Win and that will go away. I’m much more worried about us not being able to shoot which has zero to do with Dixon being looked at.
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  15. With TCU's facilities, location (recruiting) and coaching there's no good reason we shouldn't be top half of conference most years. There was a pretty clear expectation when Jamie was brought in that with the money spent on facilities and his hiring, we should be a regular NCAA team.
    As for the short-term, I hope this team comes together and learns to play with some of the competitive fire of the last few years.
    I especially hope it happens that Kevin Samuel gets some help before he gets discouraged. I don't think most people appreciate how special it is to have a center his size who plays as hard as he does on both ends, defends and rebounds extremely well, and has a very nice offensive game.
    To top it all off, it looks like he has a good relationship with CJD- During the USC game, I was watching the interaction there and Kevin was where CJD was focusing his efforts during the huddles and after, and was the player paying the most attention to what he was trying to get across.
    He kept us in the game pretty much by himself, and there were times when he was playing 1 against 3 or 4 in going for some offensive rebounds, where the rest of the guys had already given up and headed back on defense. That needs to change, pronto.
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  16. Don’t care he flirted with UCLA

    if that is a problem I guess you don’t support baseball either

    like Moose said - .500 in conference is the goal, top 3 when we get the right chemistry and get an NCAA bid half the time

    if we can’t do that, then frankly we are spending too much money on the sport

    related question - people keep saying Fisher is playing for GCU but he doesn’t have any stats - is he actually playing? Is he even eligible yet?
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  17. I appreciate the honesty. You have a right to your opinion like everyone else. Like I said, there are no right or wrong answers.

    I see the side of the people it didn't bother. It's part of the business and wanting a coach who is coveted are both reasonable thoughts.

    I see your side too. It's the head coach's job to galvanize and bring confidence to the fan base. If the coach doesn't believe he can accomplish all his goals at that school, how can the fans?

    it's just a matter of perception and perspective, just like most things.
  18. I just think the big 12 is a good basketball conference. In terms of tradition and fan support we are easily last place in the conference in both. KU, KSU, ISU, WVU, OU, Texas, and OSU easily have better tradition and fan support. Baylor and Texas Tech have been really good over the recent past and have better fan support than us.

    That puts us last place in both.

    There are no nights off. It is just a brutal conference.

    Dixon has improved the program a ton. This is his fourth year, and we have won the NIT and made the NCAA tournament. I do not think we are at the point where we can lose good players every year and just expect better ones to follow. If we make the tournament this year or next year, I think we will be right where I expect. 2 appearances every 5 seasons. Maybe we could get that up to 3 appearances every 6 seasons, but I just do not see us becoming an annual tournament team. That is okay.
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  19. Hard to argue with anything you said.
  20. I really appreciate everyone who has responded. Your comments have been great.

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