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Herman turned up the heat on LSU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. well they at least provided no A/C and LSU players had cramping issues most of 2nd half. Hmmmmm.


    LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron confirmed to media members Monday that the Tigers did not have air conditioning in the locker room Saturday for its game against Texas.

    Orgeron said he called Louisiana Tech, Texas' week one opponent, before the game and in anticipation had his team bring extra fans.

    According to the official stats, the game-time temperature was 98 degrees.

    "First of all, I called Louisiana Tech, and they told us about it," Orgeron said Monday. "So we did some things in the dressing room that were better. It wasn't great, but it was better. At least we had air in there. They didn't have air. We had some blowers in there. I don't think that caused as much as going out there and having to play 93 plays on defense. I think that had a lot to do with it."
  2. Don’t believe it, but if true, that is as sorry as sorry comes and Herman should be punished. Will never be proven though.
  3. UT is Pathetic..... they’re not going to have a friendly return to Baton Rouge, that’s for sure
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  4. Think this is when people should be tweeting CDC. Also my comparison between Herman and Briles grows day by day
  5. And LSU parks Mike’s cage outside of the visitors locker room (roused to). Lou Holtz made a famous statement once about not being able to hear and being scared to death after ND played at Tiger Stadium.lsu Tiger Stadium visitor locker room have air conditioning?
  6. A kid over heats and dies bc some coach playing games. Just not worth the risk.

    But to your point, they both belong in the sewer.
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  7. Might as well start gassing them next
  8. Dying of a head stroke little different than not being able to hear because of a tiger roaring
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  9. That’s an Art Briles trick
  10. When that big #90 went down and really seemed to be really struggling at the end of that long UT drive, it definitely crossed my mind that damn, at some point it just isn't safe for people that large to be out there that long in that kind of heat. He was beyond gassed.
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  11. I think if anyone died of heat or head strokes with a medical, training staff and available cold drinks available LSU would have serious problems of their own. Still, if there was available a/c and UT shut it off, they should be held accountable. I’m trying to remember whether we had a/c in old AGC’s visitor locker.
  12. Briles 101.
  13. Is this what you would call a Senator about. It seems like I heard that might help...
  14. So just to be clear..... Lou Holtz was scared to death of a semi docile tiger in a cage?
  15. You ever seen Mike the Tiger or been next one that roared? Hardly docile and the role him up to get him roaring. Granted he’s in a cage and I cannot speak for Holtz, but it is still an impressive noise.
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  16. "And LSU parks Mike’s cage outside of the visitors locker room"

    Not like Mike was in shower with Lou. Although Lou might like it.
  17. Ummm, the 90lb cheer leaders used to ride on top the cage when they still brought him in the stadium. He is on film swimming up to kids on the other side of the plexiglass around his cage. If Lou was scared, maybe he should have picked somewhere else to play.
  18. That tiger is like a puppy dog gimme a break hes in a cage
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