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Headed to Ames...what to do?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. I am probably not the best person to offer up restaurant suggestions but yes the go to place in Ames is Hickory Park, very much a local legend. A place I like is Boulder Tap, food is good and several beers on tap. West Side Pub isn’t bad and that is typical bar food and that is on the west side of Ames. There is also another local BBQ chain called Jethroe’s but you texans may not be big fans. It has been on several cable shows with the main feature is a challenge called The Emmenecker. Big sandwich weighing about 5 pounds, We have ordered a couple times but we shared, I like it. Ankeny has several places to eat with a popular spot for bars and restaurants called Prairie Trail, hope this helps
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  2. Walk through the tailgate and someone will stop you.
  3. Alluvial, a brewery on the north side of Ames, has a terrific atmosphere and some of the best craft brews I’ve ever enjoyed. Recommend for Friday night or Saturday postgame.

    Great Plains Sauce & Dough is good pizza but be prepped for a wait.
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  4. What is the go to food in Iowa? I mean down here we have Tex Mex, barbecue, and chicken fried steaks, all three would be straight go to’s for many Texans.

    But Iowa?....corn casserole? Ham sandwiches?
  5. according to the food network it is the pork tenderloin


    my sister graduated from the university of iowa and i will say the swine up there is damn good and different from what you get down here.
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  6. Drink some beer and kick some ass
  7. To the nw of the stadium sits 500 hundred acres of corn. Folks were friendly when I was there.
  8. restaurants in Ames are good, not great, so lower your expectations, as I have over the years. Come instead expecting to hang out with fun Iowa folks. Hickory Park is fun for the atmosphere, not the food. Wallaby’s has a nice scene (for Ames) and a nice upstairs patio and decent food.
    The Cafe and Aunt Mauds are what locals would call “fancy”. I like Provisions Lot F on Airport Road, food is decent. In all three cases think Charleston’s (if that’s still open down there). Jethroes is well liked here, but it’s Kansas City style, thin cut and with burnt ends, different from Texas bbq.
    Cornbread in downtown gets my vote for best BBQ in Ames. If you’ve never had BBQ in Texas, then it’s excellent. Beer at Torrent Brewery in downtown is pretty good, and there are usually decent food trucks in parking lot.
    Most bars are in Campus Town on Lincoln Way near Welch Ave. we do have a Fuzzy’s now, if you crave something from home. Lots of pizza joints around town.
    By the way, most servers love when TCU comes to town, locals don’t tip anywhere near as well as Texans (if at all).
  9. HF, where's a place in Ames to get a good pork tenderloin? This is about as "Iowa" as it gets.
  10. Hickory Park and the Iowa Stater (in the Gateway Hotel) has pork tenderloin on the menu. I’ll just leave it at that.
  11. Do they still do tractor rides up to the stadium for tailgaters?

    Is the State Fair going on now?

    Also check out your favorite politicians they are all usually there this time of year during election season.

    I was born in Ames Iowa my dad went to Iowa State. I am still TCU fan 100%, but cheer for cyclones when not playing my Frogs.

    Great friendly people very grounded.
  12. In downtown Des Moines, Fong is a great asian restaurant, but very hard to get into.. Centro is a bit pricey but outstanding Italian food..
  13. There is some great golf around the Des Moines area. There are also a few casinos in the area that can provide plenty of people watching entertainment if you aren't in to gambling.
  14. Make sure to go to the Iowa Stater. It’s right by the stadium and where the ISU team stays. It’s a fun atmosphere. Fans are super nice. Maybe we’ll see you there tonight.
  15. Well....it can't be as bad as Lubbock or Stoolwater.
  16. Calling all Frogs! fyi - Iowa State is in Ames. In case you are making travel plans don't get cornfused like some of us posting here and wind up in Des Moines. Imagine how embarassing it would be to get lost in Iowa,
  17. so are you telling us you accidentally ended up in des moines and need a ride to the game?

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