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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?


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For sure. I’ve seen a lot of great concerts, but that was something on a whole other level.

Black hit me especially hard too.

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The Pearl Jam concert at Dickie’s tonight was so darning epic. I don’t care if you don’t like Pearl Jam. You missed a special show.
I was never a fan. I took The Princess bc she was really wanting to see them. I literally did not know a single song they played outside of Baba O’Riley…however… it was one hell of a show. Super musicianship as well.
There was a real connection between the band and the fans. Eddie Vedder’s interactions with the crowd were clearly sincere and ad lib not just some canned bs he says at every show.

On top of all that the guys were fighting flu/RSV/the other flu-like disease and you could tell they were struggling from time to time. They began the show sitting down playing and singing and by the end had worked into a really high energy set. Overall great experience!