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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?


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How do I get my hands on one of those sweet flying T black hats? I think I saw it on phormer’s fb a while back and forgot to ask where to find one.

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No place else for this: I’ve noticed the Dear Opponent letter still exists (and is still cringe as hell) but it is now posted to the KF.c facebook page. The one last week was dedicated to the literary critics on this site lol.

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I seek wisdom from the experienced. I am looking for a reputable realtor that has already bought and sold homes in the Wedgewood area of Fort Worth. I am not looking to sell right now—just making near future plans. Just need to know either the “best of the best” or the “absolutely don’t bother” list. Any suggestions? Please PM.


Storm took out my back fence last night. Wedgewood area. Must replace. Side fences are unaffected. I will need to replace the front two side gates—one on each side of the house. Same kind of wood slats. Looking for recommendations of quality work and timely response. Please PM me. Thank you.



have they no shame ripping off the fashion icon jacobim mugatu, or actually ben stiller