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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?


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My BIL deals with hot shot drivers every day for his job - bringing in trucks to his company’s dealerships in Florida. PM me if you want a contact info, he can probably hook you up with some loads.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind! I’ll take whatever I can get when I’m able to get my ducks in a row and take the jump. Right now I’m still trying to get everything in order. I’m a little paranoid about this being a massive failure, so I’m over analyzing everything and nit picking my decisions and purchases and trying to make a dollar bill stretch as far as possible.



reminds me of story from the spring, texas area a few years back

couple of guys come into a bar just before closing time and announce they are robbing the place, etc.....small problem as a patron(s) are carrying and proceed to exchange fire with the robbers

one robber is doa, second stumbles out wounded, and when sheriff's department arrives no one left in the bar can remember who the patron(s) were nor supposedly had never seen them ever before


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Happy Star Wars Day!