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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. This was a solid rule to live by before MMA and an even better rule now. My high school had a great wrestling program and every one of our best wrestlers had cauliflower ear. They did some crazy [ #2020 ] in fights.
  2. Stay hard, Prince Markie Dee.
  3. Instead of training to fight I’m just going to muck up my ears so people are scared of me. Maybe I’ll master a tough guy stare too. Seems easier than putting in all the work.
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    Damn!! That [ #2020 ] had to hurt. You can hear it when she hits the ground.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. That's her phone hitting the bricks.
  7. The dog's name is Bran-dee-uhh.
  8. Ever see the show Shamless on Showtime? The MMA dude is almost a spitting image of him
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  9. That guy's first move with the left hand gently cupping the right side of the guys face is a subtle but impressive tactic. I don't know anything about boxing or MMA, but it seems it was an intentional "look what this hand is gently doing" type of move that allowed an unencumbered approach from the other side that happened sooo quick. That guy (both guys) knew what he was doing and had no doubt about his ability to carry it out.
  10. Time for a new phone.

    Funny [ #2020 ].
  11. taller than Robin, supposedly.
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  13. McGregor does that a lot when he fights
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    I have some catching up to do in this thread and several others. The OU football kid getting beat down reminded me.


    once in my early twenties I was riding high on handing out some decent ass whippings. And I do mean decent.

    For this particular story we will go to Bilbo Baggins Pub in Bossier. I was on one of the early dates with the future Mrs. NWLA. There was a case of mistaken identity and I was hit in the side of the head or “snuck” while sitting next to my future wife at the bar. Unfortunately for this fella, he didn’t knock me out on his haymaker sneak attempt and hands were thrown.... a lot.... onto his dome.

    fast forward two weekends later.... I’m feeling cocky about my record recently on the club scene of fighting drunk jackasses in bars around town because I’ve made a decent little rep for being a [ #2020 ]head with some heavy hands. Somehow, I got into an argument with a fella who then threatened me (could’ve been the other way around) idk, lol... becomes a blur and I’ll explain why.....

    This dude starts jumping and stretching his legs and [ #2020 ]. In my head I’m like, I’m about to smash this weirdo and then before I can even start [ #2020 ] talking (because I was cocky) this dude snap kicks me in the mouth and sends me like 5 feet back straight up mortal combat style. I don’t think a single punch was thrown. I was not expecting to get kicked into an alternate reality.

    You may think that you are a billy badass, but when your opponent starts warming up and jump kicking the air/and or has cauliflower ears, it’s time to throw in the white flag. A bar brawler is just not even close to a dude who goes to fight for fun at the local mma gym. Lmao
  15. There’s nothing like getting snap kicked in the mouth in a bar full of strangers and all your buddies to humble you.
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  16. Its lining up the opponent to get hit with your power hand. Soft jab away to line him up for the big hit.
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  17. Last sentence is a fact. Life lesson..... if you ever push someone and they give you a look like this guy did, turn and quickly walk away because you're about to get your ass beat.
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  18. So you guys don’t have to, just to make sure this story was real, I took it upon my self to find her Instagram. 550k followers. She’s doing okay for herself.

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