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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. The first period last night was hard to watch. Flipped over to football. Flipped back with 14 minutes left in the game. Thought they would tie it up.
  2. Lesson learned. Zebra can't watch Stars game anymore.
  3. They had some good scoring chances in the 3rd period. But Tampa is too good of a team to climb out of a 3-0 hole against. Stars showed some fight though.
  4. Benn has a golden opportunity late in the 3rd but air mailed it
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  5. Thought I would switch over to the radio to listen to Razor call the game and it was 0-3 before I got the station tuned in. Sheesh. I feel like I jinxed them.
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  6. I also wore the wrong shirt. I’ll correct this for tomorrow night’s game.
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  7. So what have we learned about tonight's Stars game....

    ATC make sure you have on the right shirt.

    HG73, if you're at home watch the game on TV. Radio is only acceptable if you're driving. The radio broadcast is on the ticket.

    Zebra, no more Stars games for you this season.

    Everybody else, watch the game and have fun. If you do something that you feel like may have jinxed the Stars, try a reverse jinx, they work sometimes.

    And please no in game posting. Thats bad luck. ATC and myself discovered that during the Colorado series.

    GO STARS!!
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  8. I used to love that band.
  9. Meanwhile, at @QuilterFrawg 's house:

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  11. ...
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  12. Well that scheissing sucked!!!

    Scrap everything and do whatever you want for game 4.
  13. I watched about 5 minutes total of that abortion and saw 3 TB goals. Not a fun 5 minutes.
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    Other than a short flurry in the first period (from which they scored zero goals), that entire game was a mockery of the sport of hockey as a Stars fan. They looked completely lost, making absolutely boneheaded blunders.

    they need Faksa back for sure, but the issues presented tonight go well beyond his absence.

    Edit: and if they don’t do some serious soul searching, TBL will win the cup in 5 games.
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    The scheissing line change that led to a 3 on 1 fast break that let Tampa score a goal. [ What the heck? ] was that about??

    All the turnovers and not being able to clear the puck out of our own end. You're right, they looked lost tonight.

    Game 4 is pretty much a must win game now.
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  16. Faksa has been a huge loss b/c he centers the line that shuts down the opponent's top line. Can't understate his significance. His efficiency on the faceoff dot wrests possession from opposing top lines and allows that line to set the tone against them each shift. But last night Comeau was also out. Missing 2/3 of the FCC line is a massive issue for the way Dallas plays. The team's style is enabled by and built out from that line being as effective as it is.

    Even bigger than that, adding Caamano as a replacement for Comeau basically made us a 3 line team. That plays into the way Tampa wants to play with 7 D and 11 forwards. Dallas needs to get healthy quickly or this could be a real disaster.

    Rads going down the way he did makes me think we'll see another rookie forward added to the lineup in his stead tomorrow night. Not looking good at all.

    Jamie Benn needs to resurrect beast mode for 60 solid minutes in game 4 or the series may be over. I felt like Dallas' physicality gave them a slight advantage heading into the series, but they've lost a huge part of that with Faksa and Comeau out and another huge portion of it if Rads can't go. Without the physicality advantage there is really no advantage for Dallas on paper. Speed is basically a wash and top end skill tips toward Tampa.
  17. Did not watch the first period. Only a little of the second. None of the third. Not my fault.

  18. haha. Show me the carrots!
  19. Instead of hockey, I started binge-watching Ratched on Netflix.

    What a hoot! Sex, nudity, language, violence, gore, and more parental warnings.
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