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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. My father in law bought me a Meater thermometer for Fathers Day. Haven’t used it yet but giving it a shot tomorrow.
  2. Happy ‘Merica Day HASMSP!
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  3. Turns out I have a Thermapen and didn’t know it. Got it as a gift from a client at Christmastime.

    I looked it up and was like “hey that’s looks familiar”.
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  4. Thanks, just ordered one.
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  5. All purple errything

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  6. Wife got a pampered chef one after her party she “hosted”. Hopefully it works well.
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  7. That screams barbecue. Is it pink?

    just kidding...had to give you [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] for “pampered chef”
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  8. She got $500 in free product so I let her do what she wants
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  9. All this talk about meat thermometer makes me hungry!!!!

    (if you know what I mean!)
  10. Besides the meat thermometer talk, is anyone else pumped about the F1 race in the morning??!

    After watching the Formula 1 doc on Netflix, I’m all in!
  11. I smoked some Texas brisket, classic spare ribs and did some potatoes that I rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

    I made stuffed bbq loaded potatoes and I’m pretty dang proud about it. Tasted like freedom.

    1lb spud - 1lb brisket, ribs on the side
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  12. Darning ‘Merica!
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  13. Had to perform the heimlich maneuver on my 4 year old, so that was scary today. He choked on pizza. Glad I was sitting with him because my wife ran away to the neighbors house for help. Not sure why? I am an EMT basic who does not use the trade for his career.... still, I am fully competent in a spur of the moment life saving event. (I can use an AED as well)

    My neighbor and wife came running into my house as I was having a stern talk with my son about eating properly and chewing all his food.

    scared me to death, but I just don’t think before I do something. Same with how I responded to my SIL who had a seizure a while back.

    Just glad to have taken my EMT classes to this point even 10 years after the fact. I would’ve been freaking out with my wife had I not been prepared. They can tell you how to do it and what to do, but unless you go on ride outs and take practicals, it’s a bit different compared to someone who Is trained and will never hesitate to jump in the ring and do whatever they can.
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  14. Also, My neighbor tonight didn’t know to place an artillery shell into the tube. Dude just lit it up on the ground and peppered all of us with shrapnel lol. Hell of a darnin day for me
  15. Wow, hope he at least yelled fire in the hole (despite not dropping it in the hole)
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  16. He just lit it and ran. It’s funny now, but in the moment it was a legit “bruh [ What the heck? ] were you thinking” talk. All of us have burns and holes in our clothes... I had my cooperstown Rodriguez jersey on for Christ sake lol. I was pretty butt hurt about that.
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  17. Put it in reverse, Terry!!
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  18. wish we had time to “back up, back up, Terry” lol
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Glad he’s okay. I had to save my son from choking when he was an infant and again when he was 14. Scary stuff.
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