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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. TCU announces immediate cancellation of all alumni and community rec center memberships “to protect our students and staff from covid.”
  2. interesting, the gyms are open where we are, but you must wear a mask.
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  3. Yeah while I understand I don’t fully agree with their decision. They setup a system for students to claim 75-minute workout slots but once inside everything is normal as long as you wear a mask. Then they just booted all non-students. I would be more than happy to wear a mask and make an appointment.
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  4. Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.
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  5. I just was told that by my gym. And canceled my membership. Not their fault but I have enough equipment at hone that doesn’t require a mask.
  6. He was the bad guy?
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  7. unfortunately, i have only been looking for some kettle bells for roughly 3 months so working at home isn't a great option right now.

    i will say it definitely changes how you work out
  8. Are you the one that thought "Idaho" was ebonics for. "I am the prostitute"
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  9. In Semi-tough was it Big'un Darley who, in the cafeteria line for breakfast put cream gravy on everything, including his cantaloupe?
  10. They weren’t, but if you like grunge and/or Green Day, I have no problem with you taking personal offense.
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  11. I drove down with a couple of buddies for the Hell Freezes Over tour when it stopped at Memorial Stadium in Austin. On campus, so no beer. Which sucked. And no smoking, which also sucked. I was never a smoker, but a ban on cigarettes made it that much tougher for other kinds of smoke...which also was something I was never into, but wouldn’t have minded a little second hand wafting my direction. It was the freakin’ Eagles for crying out loud.
  12. has there ever been ground rules set on exactly what constitutes a rock and roll song and rock band for these lists?
  13. Valid point. He was A bad guy, not THE bad guy.
  14. But, but...we are a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has been dominant and controlling.
  15. Oscar for Best Actor. 16 total minutes of screen time. He was that good!

    (and he didn’t even have to tuck like Buffalo Bill)
  16. Dahh! I’m an idiot. I missed it.
  17. Just had a depressing realization. The time between my 18th birthday and today is longer than the time between D-Day and the day I was born.

    edit: texted that to my dad and he was not impressed. Said it happened to him before his 4th birthday.
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  18. Hopefully you can see this post :).

    I have about six people on ignore. They're typically people who appear to just post to provoke... But, Steel somehow is not on my ignore list because he does have some useful posts.
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  19. I would never ignore a good poster. I enjoy steel's schtick in small doses as well.

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