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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Swoly Bible. Church of Gains. Malcolm Flex. Donald Pump. I’m very happy that I can gym again.

    Lord show me the whey
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  2. She loves going to TCU games. After missing a couple of games, we went and she walked from the baseball lot wearing a boot on her foot.
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  3. I miss the days of the old “Young Alumni” Lot. That was some fun tailgating
  4. Thankfully my gym is an empty bedroom in my house. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells I purchased about 10 years ago have been extremely worthwhile during these trying times, especially when coupled with my Beachbody On Demand subscription.

    glad you were able to board the gain train again.
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  5. You need to put a basket on that Mary Poppins rig
  6. Jealous huh?
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  7. I sold my home gym equipment including the bowlfex dumbbells to buy goodies for my CanAm. My priorities are darned up. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to gym so that’s my excuse

    The name’s Gainz. Jim Gainz.

    I’ll see myself out
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  8. Better vocals than Chris Gaines? Legendary.
  9. Again, kudos to Mrs.Hfrog. She's a keeper.

    Dearly love my wife of 43 years but she will attend less than half our games every year effectively wasting one of our two season tickets. My buddies who sit by us all know the drill.

    I blame myself. I can be a little intense on game day. Distracted driving, short tempered, and that's just on the drive to the stadium. If we win I'm the greatest man in the world. If we don't win, well, I'm just not very good company. You know, the standard stuff, weeping, pouting, threats, the occasional suicide attempt. Just normal stuff after a loss.

    She always watches the game on TV and pulls for the Frogs, but I think she views me as being a little too insane about the whole process. Oh well.
  10. She sounds like a TCU fanatic compared to my wife. My wife will say things like “are you watching the sports today?”.
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  11. Ask her if she is going to take the pot today after a question like that
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  12. Crush enemies
    Drive them before you
    Hear the lamentations of their women
  13. That is when you are supposed to place your “sammich” order.
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  14. “the sports” ?
    Just curious, what does she call Mexican soccer?
  15. Cosign on the tennis lot. believe it's lot 14. It's an upgrade that will save you money. If I wanted to spend more money on parking I'd just buy more spots in that lot. Grass on every parking spot and well over half the lot has amazing trees for shade in September.
  16. Yes. Best to leave your phone with me rather than take it in there.
  17. It’s really dropped off out there. I think we only made it once last year to tailgate. Young kiddos have too much going on.
  18. Right, if they have to ask then you're already behind. :) Is she ambivalent about all sports?
  19. Yes
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  20. Soccer

    To clarify, she speaks better English than Spanish (though fluent in both). I realize when re-reading my own post that it could sound to someone who didn’t know any better like I married a Latina housekeeper who barely speaks English.
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