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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I’m sure I’ve shared my unpopular opinion that I do not like country music.

    However, George Strait is one of the best sounding musicians I’ve ever heard. When I didn’t see him on that first list I simply dismissed it.
  2. We went to see him at his Vegas shows. Did not know what to expect since he is up there in years now.

    Like everyone else, walked out of there blown away by musical badassness. Amazing show.
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  3. I could see you bumping around the Memorial Day holiday weekend driving whatever off road contraption this is @nwlafrog

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  4. I forgot how much I cannot stand the Cooper/20 area. scheiss all of this.
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  5. I’m going to try and upgrade my parking lot this year. Where is everyone else tailgating?
  6. Tennis lot (13 or 14) is low key the best bang for buck. There's been a lot less tailgating there the last couple years too so there's plenty of space to spread out. It's not assigned spaces.
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  7. Tailgated with Purp over there last year once and it’s a great spot. That’s where we’d buy if we didn’t usually tailgate with my FIL.

    edit: be careful in the porta-potties, though.
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  8. We were having fun tailgating in the baseball lot last year, then my wife broke her foot so we missed a couple of games
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  9. Oh boy, can't wait to hear that story!
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  10. My wife will do anything to get out of attending a TCU game, but she has yet to break a bone. Respect for Mrs Hfrog.
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  11. I frequent a tailgate in the baseball lot (Lot 13?) as well. Bit of a hike to the stadjium, but the free parking in the nearby neighborhood makes up for it. Plus, traffic isn’t too bad postgame either because you can kinda use the neighborhood backstreets to your advantage.

    hopefully there’s a reason to be tailgating this fall (not to send this safe haven off the rails)
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  12. Mrs. NWLA and I biked 14 miles today around White Rock Lake in Dallas. Whooped. I gym a lot, but I cardio never.
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  13. I “go frogs” a fella on the trails who had a TCU shirt on. If it was one of y’all, the exhausted, sunburned dude chasing a much better looking female was me.
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  14. What was your R0? Did you leave a trail of death in your wake?
  15. Took us around an hour and a half with a couple stops to take in the scenery around the lake. She bikes every day, I refuse to run or bike until now. I ran enough during my baseball days. This biking thing is kind of fun though.
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  16. Im waiting on forward arched A arms and S3 springs to put my 35x22’s on.

    #NWLAbuggy #whiskeywagon
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  17. One of my law professors straight up ran over a biker at WRL one day. Crazy story. Crazier lady.
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  18. I love riding my bike. I mostly cruise around casually so it’s not too much of workout, just fun. I ride a single speed city cruiser with the old school coaster brakes like when you were a kid. Good times.
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  19. I have a Trek Marlin 6 and Mrs NWLA has a Giant Talon 3. We had a great time. Didn’t run anyone over, thankfully. Just cruised around for the most part at a steady pace.
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  20. gotta lift for dem gainz.

    it’s always bulking season
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