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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. He’s not a tech dork he’s the cohost of the number one sports podcast in the country and he’s doing a bit.
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  2. Ah, dang. I was happy in my wrongness. Not a fan of podcasts, but gonna have to check that out now.
  3. It’s not really part of the podcast. He just created a fake coach personality (Gus duggerton) and keeps playing seasons and upgrading to new jobs. He’s got college football reporters tweeting about his coaching changes and whatnot now. Feldman tweeted today that duggerton, despite it being game day of the cotton bowl, interviewed with Tennessee.
    Everyone is just bored. The podcast is called Pardon My Take which is basically parodying dumb espn panel shows.
  4. Damnit.
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  5. Damnit, FIL

    How embarrassing

    Edit - I expect it from FIL, as he's probably listening to choir/BBQ/theater/karaoke podcasts instead, but not you RollTold...
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  6. I don’t listen to scheissing podcasts. People just talking about stuff nonstop? Not a single opinion on earth do I have that much interest in.
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  7. Agreed. I already have a wife.
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  8. You don't even have to listen to the Pardon My Take guys to be aware of them, though. They're huge in the sports/sports media world.
  9. What else do they do besides a podcast and the Youtube football video game thing?
  10. Brilliant. Such a dork.
  11. Alternative topic idea: favorite BatGirl
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  12. Crown, cold topo Chico, half a lime (juiced) and some sweetener... very delicious on a Tuesday night
  13. Max articles/reporting on all social media platforms that have branched off into a bunch of different single-sport focused podcasts/accounts that do the same. The founder/prez, Dave Portnoy, is the guy who had that "how TF have we gone from flattening the curve to complete lockdown" video that Elon Musk responded to last week that was posted in the Covid thread.
  14. It’s not about a single opinion. Many hosts have a variety of guests on who talk about a million different topics and it’s a great way to learn about the world.
  15. I’m not drinking this week because I’m getting a blood test Friday morning

    It’s fine

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  16. I’m shocked at how many don’t know about Barstool. It’s not for everyone but they are huge especially in the northeast. Listen to the Pat Mcafee show everyday because of what he did with them.
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  17. They aren’t hiding the cocaine very well. Must have the cops on the payroll.
  18. Good luck with your AIDS test. And remember, ‘positive’ isn’t a good thing when it comes to AIDS testing.
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