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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Had I been that character, no way I go back to Zoltar until a WB on the trampoline with Liz Perkins.
  2. FIFY

    No probably about it.

  3. And unconfirmed highly unlikely reports of a barely legal QuilterFrog appearing at the 4:15 mark are completely speculative...
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  5. I'm with you on this. I don't care and I don't have time. If I have the time to listen to something I'd rather be relaxing to some good music not listening to some random hot takes on an assortment of topics which I may or may not care about.
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  6. I'm sure we've done this before but I'm not about to wade through this beast to find it so...now that I'm thinking about it... Top 10 Country Music acts, who ya got?

    *Note: I tried to avoid crossover artists as much as possible, or else Johnny Cash would've been in the Top 5.

    1. George Jones
    2. Hank Williams
    3. Waylon Jennings
    4. Alan Jackson
    5. Tom T. Hall
    6. Willie Nelson
    7. John Anderson
    8. Alabama
    9. Randy Travis
    10. Reba McEntire
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    I feel like you guys don’t really understand what podcasts are. More power to you if you want to listen to music or whatever, but a podcast isn’t just a radio show with some guys talking and spouting off opinions. There’s literally a podcast about everything. I got started on one about Texas history. I learned more in that 100 hours than a four year history degree would have gotten me. Into murder mysteries and true crime? There’s some great podcasts for that. Business Wars has taught me more about history on so many topics (Nike Adidas, Southwest Air versus American, Beats by Dre, etc). I think you’re selling them short by relegating it to “random hot takes on an assortment of topics”.
  8. Yeah, it’s Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Barstool Sports
  9. Good list-
    I’d mix in Verne Gosdin (people will never smoke enough to make his sound again) Don Walser, Ray Price, Dwight, Red Steagall and the Coleman County Cowboys, obligatory George Strait and -for another list- smaller act I enjoy is Corb Lund.
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  10. Don't get me wrong, I've listened to some of the topic specific ones. When I was making a 12 hour round trip commute every weekend for a work project I listened to several different podcasts. I learned some things and I found some people who were trying too hard to show off knowledge they didn't really have.

    At that time most of the stuff I stumbled upon was more along the lines of talk radio programming, opinionated hosts with equally opinionated guests spending hours chattering back and forth. I'm sure that's changed to some extent, but from the stuff I've had recommended to me it doesn't seem like that's the case. On the contrary, it seems like an offshoot of talk radio where every person with a podcast thinks they're an expert on whatever topic they want to talk about.

    I'm willing to take recommendations for quality podcasts to change my mind.
  11. Business Wars from Wondery is great. Cereal Wars was the first one I tried and I really liked it. You can pick any of the topics in any order - they don’t build on each other. The Beats by Dre episodes were surprisingly interesting to me even though I have zero interest in headphones or the music business.
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  12. Joe Rogan.
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  13. Fun with Flags with Dr. Sheldon Cooper (vexillology)
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  14. I love all those guys but you have to have George Strait in there.
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  15. Good Job Brain is a nice trivia podcast.
  16. 1. Bob Wills (I went to school with his grandson)
    2. Waylon Jennings
    3. George Strait
    4. Merle Haggard (I used to drink beer with his son Noel and saw a show with him at Billy Bob’s)
    5. Willie Nelson
    6. Alan Jackson
    7. Dwight Yoakam
    8. Pat Green
    9. Robert Earl Keen
    10. Charlie Robison

    * I also went to school with Reba’s stepson
  17. I don't usually like country music, but grew up listening to a lot of it with my parents. I have a great respect for some of the older artists. I really became a fan of Reba, but I am not sure why. I think I like that she just seems like a likable person who doesn't take herself too serious. I enjoyed her sitcom even though the humor was pretty corny. She was basically the straight man allowing other characters to shine, much like Seinfeld did on his show. The glue that held the show together.
    I like Johnny Cash and Willie quite a bit. I have found that my appreciation for their music has only increased as the years went by.
    I was watching an episode of Ozark the other day and they played Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman. I had completely forgotten how talented he was as an artist. Some of those older songs are just timeless and bring back very fond memories.
  18. Edited to include some tragedy.

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