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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I can’t even.
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  2. I have such a low opinion of phormer’s opinions on whether things are good or not that I legitimately don’t know when he’s joking about things like this
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  3. Never even heard of Bernie (the movie)
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  4. I’ve seen Bernie. My family is from East TX and I thought it was a solid flick. Probably wouldn’t put it in my top 100 movies list though.
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    the greatness of the movie is not the movie,but the local extras in the movie.
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  6. It was typical Jack Black, except playing a weird character this time.
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  7. It was longer so I went with the shorter one.
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  8. Good to hear he’s stretching on his roles.
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  9. What an athlete. Lost him way too young.

  10. in regrads to pure arm strength was clemente's arm stronger than parkers in right field for the pirates?
  11. he played this one straight, ambiguously straight.

    he was a dead ringer for my cousin that lives in Harlingen.
  12. I don't know how you can begin to distinguish between the two. Both were exceptional. Can you imagine having those two in right field for nearly 30 years???
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  13. I love old Clemente clips! One of my favorite things as a young baseball fan/player growing up in southwestern PA was listening to the older folks tell their Roberto tales. Everybody who attended a Pirates game while Roberto played has a tale about him throwing somebody out with a miraculous throw. It was almost like every opposing player only hit the ball to Roberto and Roberto threw them all out.
  14. One Crazy Summer was a great 80’s flick. “Sure are a lot of ugly looking’ kids running around here.”
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    Thank you, Ron. I have been praying for you bud. It’s been on my mind heavy.

    Leap is incredible. A seriously stubborn hardarse and a very good man. Funny thing looking back now, I remember being in little league at the end of it, damn near going to HS and he refused to pitch over hand to me, he insisted on soft tossing underhand and letting my grandmother run them down (glove in hand) she threw some lasers! On occasion he’d throw at me and want me to charge the field/mound which was actually just a big open field that wasn’t an established plot of land behind his house. This dude in his prime was around 6’4 maybe more before gravity took its toll. Absolute unit (and I don’t use the term absolute unit lightly). He would throw at people for fun during games for psychological baseball warfare.

    He has more Aggie jokes and Aggie antics that he participated in than I can recall.

    I’ll add my favorite to the next post bc I’m a like Briles. I’m sure I’ll post more at a later date.
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    My favorite story was when he went to a game (idk the year at Aggie) but for this story it was the year before, and he got yelled at while walking to a game at TA&M and an Aggie threatened him and then some for walking on their sacred grass.

    The following season, he and several buddies waited in the bushes for the aggies to step off of the sidewalk and touch the grass near their hiding spot. They jumped out and beat the crap out of them as payback. I have his friends’ names memorized. It’s one of his favorite stories that he has told many times.

    times were different back then, but the stories are hilarious nonetheless.
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    Thanks, brother. I play guitar and I think I’ll look up the notes to the Riley Green song.
  18. 58FFEB50-01C9-4534-B075-E6FEFBCDE73D.jpeg Young NWLA at Amon Carter before the renovation. #HellsHalfAcre #LeapFrog #NoseBleeds
  19. Hold up!!! You’re Lonta Hobbs?!?!? I had no idea.
    Good picture.

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