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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Sear it 2nd, yes
  2. Co sign on the reverse sear method. Don’t use mine often but great doing steaks for large groups. You will need a vacuum sealer (food saver) if you don’t already have one. Sous vide is also great way to re-warm / thaw leftover brisket or other meats.
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  3. I never got back about the masterbuilt electric smoker that I got for my birthday last month. Well, I used it once and then it never worked again. There is an issue with their thermometers and digital monitor which causes all kinds of problems. I contacted masterbuilt and they wanted me to warrantee the smoker or bring it back where I bought it.

    I brought the smoker back to sams club and I’m currently looking at a pit boss pellet smoker from Lowe’s which is significantly more expensive, but hopefully I won’t have the issues. It has an electronic read out and sensor as well, but the reviews seem to be much better than my previous smoker. It’s on a huge sale from the -$600ish range to around $350ish. Hope this one doesn’t bite me in the butt too.

    Any advice is welcome. I really want to stay in the budget smoker price range, but I want something reliable at the same time.
  4. Last day of my long vacation. Gonna milk this thing as long as possible. Buying a projector for Christmas light instead of hanging them today. Going to crack a cold one and call it good.

    managed to get about 16 birds in the freezer in my 4 hunts on public land with a boat I’ve put a lot of work into. Ate a ton of food and only hit the church of swolliness four times. Hope lord gainz forgives me.

    it’s been a great vacation. I have over stuffed my gut and over served myself whenever the heck I felt like it. First time in my professional work career that I have legitimately used all of my vacation for self care.
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  5. Also, recently discovered that I like Jameson Whiskey. Always hated the stuff until recently.
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  6. Here we go. The first of many.
  7. Jameson gets a bad rap but is good.
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  8. There are too many whisky snobs out there. While I prefer drinking Redbreast when reaching for an Irish Whiskey, Jameson is a great everyday blended whiskey made with quality ingredients at an amazing price (I can often get a bottle for $20 or less). Even their 18 year old bottling is quite the bargain at around $100, and I prefer it to Johnnie Walker Blue.
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  9. Entering the chili cookoff at my wife’s school this Friday. Very disappointed that my team name, “Netflix and chili,” was rejected.
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  10. What grade is she in?
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  11. I refused to enter the chili cook off at my work anymore. There’s me, some other dude (kind of) and about 35 women.

    The first year, a green chili won. It wasn’t bad but what the scheiss?
    The next year, a bland-as-hell chili, with instructions that read “top with a dollop of sour cream and Fritos” won. Well, [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] yes, you put sour cream and Fritos on anything it’ll taste good!!

    Am I a sore loser or just realize that two years in a row chili didn’t win the chili cook-off?
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. The Mandalorian is a solid series. Watching the latest episode with the kids.
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  14. Love me some Gina Carano.​
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  15. I wish they wouldn’t play American Pie in airports
  16. Johnnie Walker Blue is awesome. It ruined me on some other scotch brands, which are now just used for cheerios.
  17. Beware....The Hawk
  18. Don't misunderstand, it's a fine blend, but like too many other brands the recent inflated cost isn't indicative of the quality of the malts and neutral grain spirits in the bottle. I'd rather buy three or four of the individual single malts that make up Blue than spend the same money on a single bottle of the blend, or just buy a 17yo Ballantines and save.
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  19. I agree on the price. Which is why I get about 1 bottle a year of that. the 17 year old you mention, I will give a try.
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  20. Make sure she says she’s 18

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