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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. That Gold Rush show became similar. Bunch of guys camping out and moving dirt to not finding anything.
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  2. I’m on episode 5 of “The Innocent Man” on Netflix.

    Fascinating stuff
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. OT (even for HASMSP)
    I had the carpet replaced with laminate wood floor 4 years ago. Now one line of den is starting to buckle and it’s in almost a Direct line from the kitchen sink area to the front bathroom. I have no qualms with the original workmanship, the guy was solid. However he now works for another company and is not allowed to do outside work even if he wanted to. So I need to evaluate if I have a possible water leak under my laminate flooring or if possibly this is foundation or something else. Not sure where to start as far as looking for the right appraisal, would appreciate any input or advice of similar nature with your experiences. Thanks.
  5. I am far from an expert but my first guess would be foundation
  6. Hire a leak detector?
  7. Foundation. Wedgewood is notorious for foundation issues.
  8. Wife and I are spending the evening watching Blacksploitation movies. Cotton Comes to Harlem up now.
  9. That happened while my parents were growing up in that part of Oklahoma. I started the first episode after they told me about it, but forgot to go back and finish it.
  10. Also, fun fact.... my mom went to school at SE Oklahoma State with Dennis Rodman. Reba McEntire also went there.... And my grandfather insists on telling me each time I see him that he still drinks coffee with Chuck Norris’ cousin.

    I sweatergod I didn’t make that up
  11. Luka is a darning wizard
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  12. That was so fun to watch
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  13. isn't he sleeping with the fishes?
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    He should have come to TCU first and then transferred to the Mavs this week.

    Kid's unreal. Nothing scares him and he pulls off some of the craziest boat I've ever seen on a basketball court like it's no big deal.
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  15. Dang. Stopped watching at halftime bc i figured it was in the bag. So he didn't end up with a triple double? I think he was at 15/8/8 at the half.
  16. Me wifey graduated from there as well. They went through a mascot change being right in the middle of Choctaw Indian country! The Savages were changed to The Savage Storms. Mascot went from an Indian to a tornado to a buffalo.

    Other notable alum, longtime MLB playerman Brett Butler, & longtime MLB playerman and Texas Ranger Jeff Frye.
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  17. Totally Irrelevant Fact: My Dad played baseball at Southwest Oklahoma State

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